The ICAS Executive Committee may establish Sub-Committees and approve their Terms of Reference.
Currently the following Sub-Committees are active:

Honors and Awards Sub-Committee
Chair: Joao L. Azevedo
ICAS Past President
The ICAS Award History can be found here.

Finance Sub-Committee
Chair: Roland Gerhards
ICAS Treasurer

Strategic Planning Sub-Committee (SPSC)
Chair: Fay Collier
ICAS EC Member

Membership and External Relations Sub-Committee (MERSC)
Chair: Sara Bagassi
ICAS EC Member

Honorary Fellows Advisory Group (HFAG)
Chair: Susan Ying
ICAS EC Member
A complete list of the distinguished ICAS Honorary Fellows can be found here.

Early Career Sub-Committee (ECSC)
Chair: Prajwal Prakasha
ICAS PC Member
More information about the Early Carreer Sub-Committee can be found here.

Student Award Selection Sub-Committee
Chair: Karl Rein-Weston
ICAS PC Member
More information about the Student Award can be found here.

Digital Pioneering Sub-Committee (DPSC)
Chair: Björn Nagel
ICAS PC Member
More Information about the Digital Pioneering Sub-Committee can be found here.