Student Award Selection Sub-Committee
Chair: Karl Rein-Weston
ICAS PC Member

Dear authors of ICAS student papers:

Congratulations! A panel of reviewers accepted your paper for presentation at the next ICAS Congress. There are a few important rules you should follow if you are interested in competing for the John McCarthy Student Award.

Indicate, by replying to this email, if you wish to compete for this prestigious award. The ICAS McCarthy Award is established for students working in scientific research in aeronautics. It is offered by Mrs. Camille McCarthy, the widow of Professor John McCarthy Jr. Professor McCarthy served for several years as a member of the International Program Committee of ICAS and, in his professional life, he keenly promoted younger scientists, technologists and engineers. The award (or awards), consisting of a certificate and a stipend will be given to the author (or authors, should there be more than one who satisfies the qualifying criteria) of the paper that demonstrates a quality of content and presentation judged to be the best or second best of the student papers presented at the Congress. At past Congresses, the presenter(s) received an honorarium in the range of €1,000 for the winner and €500 for second place. Should it prove difficult at the Congress to make a choice between papers of similar merit, the award or awards may, at the discretion of the judges, be divided equally between recipients.

Qualifying criteria:

  • The principal student author must be an undergraduate or postgraduate who has not yet completed a Ph.D. by the date of the Congress. If there are joint student authors, each must satisfy this criterion to quality for the award.
  • On or before the deadline (which will be posted on the ICAS website) the student author(s) must upload the following via the ICAS webpage:
    • The complete paper for inclusion in the Congress proceedings.
    • A letter from an official of the educational institution to verify each submitted paper represents original work of the candidates and completed within the past two years.
  • At least one of the student authors must attend the Congress and present the paper in person.
  • Typically the top five finalists must present their paper(s) during the Student Finalist Session. These finalists will each be offered a ticket to the Congress banquet on Thursday evening when Mrs. McCarthy will present awards to the winners.

Review criteria:

  • The Student Paper Review and Selection Committee will base its decision solely on the scientific merit of the candidate papers and on the quality of their presentation.
  • No reference will be made to the curricula vitae of the candidates.

Thank you for submitting your papers. The Selection Committee looks forward to reviewing them. Please direct questions to the ICAS Secretariat.

Karl Rein-Weston
Student Paper Review and Selection Committee Chair