"ICAS – The first Fifty Years", edited by F.J. Stark and finalised in 2008, when ICAS celebrated its 50th anniversary, can be downloaded here.

A short summary about the history of ICAS, as included in the ICAS 2008 Congress Programme, can be downloaded here.

The first Guggenheim Lecture in 1958 was held by T. von Karman and he provides, as an introduction, some interesting backg-round on how it all started. His lecture can be downloded (here).

The lecture "ICAS - THE FIRST 50 YEARS“ presented at ICAS 2008 by Dr John E. Green can be downloaded here.

The locations of the ICAS Congresses over the past decades are listed below.

2024 Italy Florence
2022 Sweden Stockholm
2020 China Shanghai
2018 Brasil Belo Horizonte
2016 South Korea Daejeon
2014 Russia St Petersburg
2012 Australia Brisbane
2010 France Nice
2008 USA Anchorage
2006 Germany Hamburg
2004 Japan Yokohama
2002 Canada Toronto
2000 United Kingdom Harrogate
1998 Australia Melbourne
1996 Italy Sorrento
1994 USA Anaheim
1992 China Beijing
1990 Sweden Stockholm
1988 Israel Jerusalem
1986 United Kingdom London
1984 France Toulouse
1982 USA Seattle
1980 Germany Munich
1978 Portugal Lisbon
1976 Canada Ottawa
1974 Israel Haifa
1972 The Netherlands Amsterdam
1970 Italy Rome
1968 Germany Munich
1966 United Kingdom London
1964 France Paris
1962 Sweden Stockholm
1960 Switzerland Zurich
1958 Spain Madrid