ETF Workshop 2007

"UAV-Airworthiness, certification and access to the airspace"

In connection with the meeting of the ICAS Programme Committee, September 2007 in Seville, Spain a one-day workshop on the theme above was arranged. The workshop provided the opportunity to international experts in the field to exchange views and to identify further areas of potential cooperation. The summary report, including several references/presentations, can be downloaded below. In case of problem with downloading - contact the ICAS Secretariat.

ICAS Seville Workshop September 2007 - Summary Report

REF 1: UAS Airworthiness, certification and access to the airspace
Bruce Tarbert, FAA NAS Integration Lead, UAPO

REF 2: NATO Developments in USA Airworthiness and Sense/Avoid Functional requirements
Dave Seagle US HoD, NATO FINAS

REF 3: Responding to standardisation challenges of the future air transport system
Dewar Donnithorne-Tait Secretary WG-73 UAS

REF 4: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Pan-European ATM Network Integration
Holger Matthiesen, EUROCONTROL

REF 5: Autonomous Systems Technology Related Airborne Evaluation and Assessment (ASTRAEA) – UK access to airspace programme
Lambert-Dopping Hepenstal, BAE SYSTEMS, UK

REF 6: OUTCAST - Operation of UAVs: Transition to Civil Air Space and Traffic environments
Michiel Selier, NLR, NL

REF 7: Swedish industry efforts to increase UAV usability by progressing traffic insertion of UAVs
Dr. Gunnar Holmberg, Saab, SE

REF 8: Flapless Air Vehicle Integrated Interdisciplinary Research (FLAVIIR)
Dr. Clyde Warsop, BAE SYSTEMS, UK

REF 9: HADA (Helicopter Adaptive Aircraft)
Rafael Pax, Technical Director of ARIES COMPLEX and Manuel Mulero, INTA, Spain