ICAS 1996 Sorrento

Table of contents

Title Author(s)


Smart Structures in Aerospace Technology Santini, P


Working Together - International Aero Engines' V2500 Program Eccleston, B., Cheffins, J., Wolfe, B

General lectures

AEREA - A European Research Initiative Kroll, W
Advanced On-Board Computing and Data Processing: A Primary Condition for the Functionality of Modern High Performance Aircraft Scheidt, H., Rapp, H
Innovative Aspects of the Boeing 777 Development Program Breuhaus, R.S., Fowler, K.R., Zanatta, J.J


A Cartesian Cut Cell Method for Unsteady Flows Involving Freely Moving Bodies Yang, G., Causon, D.M., Ingram, D.M., Saunders, R
Numerical Investigation of Strongly Non-Linear Transonic Flow Problems around the Airfoil Yamamoto, S
Solution of the Navier-Stokes Equations for the Flow around an Aerofoil in an Oscillating Free Stream Shaw, S., Qin, N
Special Issues in Unsteady Navier-Stokes Simulations with Deforming Bodies Hoffren, J


Challenges and Opportunities in Fluid Mechanics Research Hefner, J.N., Sellers III, W.L., Thomas, J.L., Wlezien, R.W., Antcliff, R.R
Study for Reynolds Number Effect on CimM of 2-Dimensional Airfoils Yoshida, K., Ogoshi, H
Experimental Study on Transonic Shock Wave/Turbulent Boundary Layer Interactions and Separation Instabilities. Suction and Reynolds Number Effects Caruana, D., Bulgubure, C., Mignosi, A
A Review of Research at DRA on Active and Passive Control of Shock Waves Ashill, P.R., Fulker, J.L., Simmons, M.J., Gaudet, I.M
On Sound Transmission through Boundary Layers of Aircraft Fuselages and Engine Ducts Campos, L.M.B.C., Oliveira, J.M.G.S., Serrao, P.G.T.A, Kobayashi, M.H


The Study of Wing-Rock Characteristics on Slender Delta Wings at High AOA Hsiao, F.-B., Yang, J.-S
Flow Analysis and Control Surface Evaluation at High Angles of Attack for Enhanced Manoeuvrability Tristrant, D., Renier, O., Farcy, D
Controlling Aerodynamic Hysteresis Loop of Wing during Pitching Oscillation by Spanwise Blowing Qin, Y.H., Zhuang, F.G., Shen, L.M
Flight Dynamics of a Vectored Thrust Aircraft Granasy, P


Determinants of Emission from Ground Operations of Aircraft Caves, R.E., Jenkinson, L.R., Brooke, A.S
Methods to Assess Aircraft Engine Emissions in Flight Deidewig, F., Dopelheuer, A., Lecht, M
Soot Emissions from Jet Aircaft Lilenfeld, H.V., Whitefield, P.D., Hagen, D.E
NASA Noise Reduction Programs for Advanced Transport Aircraft Stephens, D.G., Powell, C.A., Cazier, Jr., F.W
Civil Aircraft and Their Noise Impact on the Environment of the Athens-Spata Airport Yiparakis, N.J., Lambrianidis, G


Optimisation of Highly Loaded Joints Rispler, A.R., Steven, G.P
Structure Design Concepts for the Next Generation Supersonic Transport Ermanni, P., Braidley, I., Rib6re, B
Bird Impact Resistance of Small Transport Aircraft Bedrich, L., Mertl, V
Development of a Structural RPV Section Serving as an Integral Fuel Tank made of Sandwich CFRP Gali, S., Ghilhai, G., Peled, D., David, A., Sela, N., Derwish, Y


A Generic Architecture for In-Flight Crew Assistant Systems Based on Advanced Information Processing Technology Zuidgeest, R.G., Urlings, P.J.M
A New Design Approach for a Pilot Advisory System in Air-to-Air Interceptions Yaakov, Y., Shinar, J., Wolfshtein, M., Boneh, A
An AI Situational Pilot Model for Real-Time Applications Burdun, I.Y
The Cost Effective Head-Up Display in Trainer Aircraft Spring, H., Inabnit, M

AERODYNAMICS I (Student Session)

Modelling and Identification of Non-Linear Unsteady Aerodynamic Loads by Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms Marques, F., Anderson, J
Simulation of Unsteady Aerodynamic Effects of Isolated Vortices Close to the Airfoil Mitrovic, C
Numerical Simulations of Large Eddies in the Compressible Mixing-Layer Ramella, F
Wall Turbulence Manipulation by Outer Layer Devices Reisoli-Matthieu, F


Helicopter Rotor Downwash Calculation using the Vortex Element Method for the Wake Modelling Papanikas, D.G., Spyropoulos, A.J., Fertis, D.K., Margaris, D.P
Application of an Unsteady Two-Equation Turbulence Model to the Numerical Prediction of the Transonic Buffet of an Airfoil Arina, R., Ceresola, N., Piantä, P.G
Cyclic Acceleration Technique for Solving Unsteady Transonic Small Perturbation Equations Wayan Tjatra, I., Wandana, I


NonEquilibrium Reentry Filatyev, A.S., Yanova, O.V
Chattering Arc in Three-Dimensional Flight Chern, J.-S., Chen, Y.-H., Hong, Z.-C
Aerodynamic Stabilization System for Small Satellites Sarychev, V.A., Camelier, I.A., Paglione, P
Theoretical and Experimental Determination of Flight Performances of an Airplane in Martian Atmospheric Flight Teofilatto, P


Flight Safety Aspects with Modern Flight Control Systems Chatrenet, D
Fly-By-Wire for the Saab 2000 - Concept, Development and Testing Singer, G., Persson, U
Application of the Fuzzy Logic Control Theory to the Design of Aircraft Flight Control Systems Zhou, Z.Q., Reichert, G
Method for Determining the Force Characteristics of a Nozzle under the Exposure to External Supersonic Flow Lokotko, A.V


High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) UAV for Intelligence Missions Tsach, S., Yaniv, A., Avni, H., Penn, D
Development Approach of the HERON Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAV Vitali, J., Tsach, S., Avni, H., Gali, S., Weissberg, V
Designing Process of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Jaxa-Malachowski, R


The Use of Genetic Algorithms in Dynamic Finite-Element Model Identification for Aerospace Structures Dunn, S.A
Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Fluttering Plate in Transonic Unsteady Potential Flows Wayan Tjatra, I., Kurniawan, R
Use of Artificial Neural Network for the Evaluation of SEA Coupling Loss Factor and AHL Damping Parameters Sorrentino, A., Vitiello, P., Romano, G., Dovstam, K


Rear Fuselage Flow Characteristics for a Complete Wing-Body Configuration at Transonic Conditions Coustols, E., S6raudie, A., Mignosi, A
Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Vectoring Jets Effects on Under-Wing Stores and their Release Trajectories Nangia, R.K., Ross, J.A., Peto, J.W
Aerodynamic Assessment of Lateral Jet Sheets and Their Influence on Wing-Body Combinations for Some Blowing Arrangements Neamtu, M
Canard Influence on the Boundary Layer of a Forward Swept Wing Lombardi, G., Morelli, M., Waller, D
Mean Characteristics of Flow in Junctures of Swept Wings and Bodies Khan, M.J., Ahmed, A


A Linear Stability Analyser Suitable for Integration in Wing Performance Calculation Procedures Masson, C., Langlois, M., Paraschivoiu, I
Numerical Investigation of the Effects of Sweep Angle on the Boundary-Layer Transition in High Speed Flight Shahpar, S
Transition Control on a Transonic Laminar Airfoil with Suction Panel Jorgensen, L., Nitsche, W
Hybrid Laminar Flow Nacelle Design Lecordix, J.L., Muhender, A., Lecossais, E., Godard, J.L., Hepperle, M
A New Reconfiguration Concept for Flight Control Systems in Case of Actuator and Control Surface Failures Baumgarten, C, Heine, W


On Some Analytical Studies of Unsteady and Non-Linear Longitudinal Stability Campos, L.M.B.C., Azinheira, J.R.C., Fonseca, A.A
Integrated T&E Approach to Store Separation - Dim Past, Exciting Future Cenko, A., Richardson, P., Talbot, M., Loezos, S., Chaddock, D., Piranian, A
Gust Alleviation Analysis for Flexible Wing-Tail Configurations Gennaretti, M., De Troia, R., Tancredi, G., Morino, L
Feasibility of Gravity Gradient Technology for Fighter Aircraft Blaylock, J.G., Swihart, D.E., Barfield, A.F
On the Development of Flexible Aircraft Equations of Motion Ro, K.S., Barlow, J.B
Dihedral Effect for Straight Tapered and Twisted Wings Gili, P
Optimal Midcourse Trajectories for Precision Guided Munitions with Collocation and Nonlinear Programming Tekinalp, O., Arslan, E.M


Conceptual Design and Proposed Development of the GAP-4 Multi-Purpose Small Utility Helicopter Schräge, D.P., Yillikci, Y.K., Phillips, J.W., Mavris, D.N
Hover Performance of a Rotor with Deployable Flaps Nagabhushan, B.L., Shaban, A.I.
The Development of a Knowledge Based System to Aid Helicopter Rotor Blade Design Hamilton, J.R., Clarkson, P.J., Burgess, S.C., Newland, D.E
Wind Tunnel Testing of a 1 /3rd Scale Model Gyroplane Coton, F.N., Smrcek, L, Pätek, Z
Feasibility Study and Mission Requirement for HSCT Mizuno, H., Hagiwara, S


Special-Purpose Programs for Structural Design and Optimization Rothwell, A., Heerschap, M.E
Analysis of Measured In-Flight Tail Loads Gelder, P.A. van
Theoretical Assessment, Numerical Simulation and Comparison with Tests of Birdstrike on Deformable Structures Anghileri, M., Sala, G
Strength Estimation Method for Undamaged, Damaged and Repaired Honeycomb Structures Urinovsky, V., Coldbeck, D.P., Smrcek, L


Heavy Transport Aircraft Reliability Study Chiesa, S., Gianotti, P., Maggiore, P
GMADS - Groundbased Maintenance Aid and Diagnostic System Stenmarck, J
Turbojet Engine Diagnostic System based on Compressor Blade Vibration and Vibroacoustic Analysis Dabrowski, H., Kudelski, R., Spychala, J., Szczepanik, R., Szczepankowski, A., Witos, M
Extension in Calendar Life Limit for Aircraft Structure Ahmad, M., Ghafoor, A

AERODYNAMICS II (Student Session)

Application of an Improved Integral Turbulent Boundary Layer Model with Moderate Separation Correction on NACA Series and Low Speed Supercritical Airfoil Derivatives Kostic, I
An Inverse Method for the Design of Airfoils Nagaoka, T., Morishita, E
Theoretical Study of a Mission Adaptive Wing Martins, A.L., Catalano, F.M
Using the Fluent Program for Optimisation of the Fowler Flap System for the Ultra-Light Aeroplane Strnad, B.R


Progress in the Development of Computational Aerodynamic Design Methods: Inverse Procedures Malone, J.B
Turbulent Flow Calculations for Complex Aircraft Geometries using Prismatic Grid Regions in the SAUNA CFD Code Peace, A.J., Chappell, J.A., Shaw, J.A
Numerical Methods for Simulating the Flow over an Airfoil Covered with a Thin Layer of Liquid Boelens, O.J., Moeleker, P.J.J., Jong, H. de, Hoeijmakers, H.W.M.
Inverse Wing Design and Optimization using the Euler Flow Equations Sedin, Y.C.-J., Larsson, T
Vortical Flow Simulation using an Unstructured-Grid Euler Method Raj, P., Kinard, T.A., Vermeersch, S.A


An Experimental Investigation into the Rationale of the Application of Wind Tunnel Wall Corrections Ashill, P.R., Goodyer, M.J., Lewis, M.C
Numerical Simulation of Flowfields of the NAL Two-Dimensional Transonic Wind Tunnel Matsuno, K., Satofuka, N., Sudani, N., Fukuda, M.,
Optimization of the Performance of Internal Six-Component Strain-Gage Windtunnel Balances with FEM Zhai, J.N., Ewald, B., Hufnagel, K
Generalization of Data Reduction Routines for Model Attitude, Force and Moment Measurements in the Wind Tunnels of the Aeronautical Institute Zarkovo Vukovic, Dj
Complete Analytical Model to Describe the Test-Leg of Scirocco PWT De Filippis, F., Schettino, A., Serpico, M., Borrelli, S


The Effective Management of Aerospace Projects through Process Modelling Balthazor, L.R
A Virtual Rafale Pechaud, J., Rouchon, C
An Anglo-US View of Aircraft Design Education Whitford, R
System Synthesis in Preliminary Aircraft Design using Statistical Methods DeLaurentis, D., Mavris, D.N., Schräge, D.P
High-Capacity Subsonic Transport Projects Fielding, J.P
On the Subsonic/Supersonic, Yawed Sinusoidal Gust over an Airfoil Soviero, P.A.O., Resende, H.B


European 2nd Generation Supersonic Commercial Transport Aircraft Green, P.K., Pacull, M., Reimers, H.D
The Oblique Flying Wing as the New Large Aircraft Li, P., Seebass, R., Sobieczky, H
Aerodynamic Optimization of Supersonic Transport Configurations Orlowski, M., Hermann, U
Flap Systems on Supersonic Transport Aircraft Nicholls, K.P
The Long Term Elevated Temperature Behaviour of Materials: A Key Issue.for the Next SST Barbaux, Y.P., Guedra-Desgeorges, D., Cinquin, J., Fournier, P., Lapasset, G


The Development of a Composite Root Attachment Lug Cathro, R.C., Reid, R.G., Huston, R.J
Textile Routes to Damage Tolerant Composite Structures for Aerospace Applications Backhouse, R., Bibo, G.A., Hogg, P.J., Mills, A
Compressive Behaviour of Composite Panels Containing Impact-Induced Damages and Holes: Experimental and Numerical Analysis Esposito, C., Perugini, P., Accardo, A.F., Ricci, F
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Composite Beams with Elastic Couplings Kaiser, C., Francescatti, D
Stability and Elements Postbuckling Behaviour of Complex Composite Zamula, G.N., lerusalimsky, K.M
Optimization of Rotating Disks via Genetic Algorithm Scaramuzzino, F

SYSTEM DESIGN (Student Session)

Design Method for Marine Propeller/Stator Propulsors Alkan, A.D., Yilmaz, T., Guner, M
High Performance Supersonic Aircraft Intake Design Haque, M.N., Ransom, E.C.P., Self, A
Life Support System for Aircraft Crew Nicic, N.A


ETW - Flow Quality Aspects and First Model Tests Quest, J
Cryogenic Model Technology for ETW Icart, G., Angeli, T., Dupriez, F.
The Atmospheric Reentry Simulator in Naples Esposito, A., Monti, R., Zuppardi, G
The Low Speed Tiltable Wind Tunnel SWT112 Rosen, J., Nyström, T


Minimum Landing-Approach Distance for a VUK-T Sailplane Stefanovic, Z., Cvetkovic, D
Preliminary Design of a Solar Powered Tailless Motorglider Guglieri, G., Quagliotti, F
Center-of-Gravity and Lift Coefficient Limits of a Gliding Parachute Case Study losilevskii, G


Technology Assessment with Multi-Disciplinary Aircraft Design Tools on the Next Generation Supersonic Commercial Transport Reith, D. von
Sensitivities and Integrated Aerodynamic-Structural Optimal Design Arsuffi, G., Mastroddi, F., Morino, L
An Object Oriented Approach to Conceptual Aircraft Design through Component-Wise Modelling Schneegans, A., Haberland, Ch., Kokorniak, M., Domke, B


Vibration Alleviation of a Hingeless Helicopter Rotor Blade by State Feedback Belo, E.M., Marques, F.D
Active Control on Typical Helicopter Panels by using Piezo-Actuators De Vivo, L., Concilio, A
Active Vibration Suppression Concepts for Buffet Excited Vertical Tails Schweiger, J., Simpson, J., Sensburg, O


Design, Analysis and Testing of a Postbuckling Co-Cured Composite Control Surface Scott, M.L., Cheung, A.K.H., Newman, P.D
Buckling and Post-Buckling Behaviour of Composite Cylindrical Shells Bisagni, C
Postbuckling Behaviour of Graphite/Epoxy Wing Boxes Panels under Pure Torsion Romeo, G., Frulla, G


Unsteady Vortex Flow Phenomena on Delta Wings at High Angles of Incidence Mabey, D.G
Fin Unsteady Surface Pressure Evaluation Due to Buffeting Based on Measured Fluctuating Velocities Breitsamter, C., Laschka, B
An Analysis of Vortex Breakdown Predicted by the Euler Equations Strohmeyer, D., Orlowski, M., Longo, J.M.A., Hummel, D., Bergmann, A
Calculation of Vortex Breakdown over Delta Wing by a Vortex-Lattice Method Boffadossi, M
Influence of Fuselage Shape on Single Fin Buffeting Chesneau, T.R., Wood, N.J


Space-Planes and Launchers Aerodynamic Study with Euler and Navier-Stokes Computations Oswald, J., Bousquet, J.M
Large Scale Navier-Stokes Multi-Body Launch Vehicle Flowfield Simulations Wang, J.C.T., Taylor, S
Sideslip Aerodynamics for Hytex Space Vehicle Sillen, M
Numerical Investigations of the Flows around Various Cruciform Wing-Body Configurations at Mach Numbers from 2. to 10. and Arbitrary Angles of Attack using Sychev's Theory Voevodenko, N.V


Use of Neural Networks for Manoeuvre Load Control McLean, D
Aileron to Rudder Interconnection with Analytical Redundancy Oliva, A.P
Helicopter Inverse Simulation Incorporating an Individual Blade Rotor Model Rutherford, S., Thomson, D.G
Development and Trials of an Autonomous Flight Control System for UAV's Valentinis, F., Bil, C., Riseborough, P
Analytical-Computational Method for Matching Optimal Control Formulations Ponzi, C


Conceptual Design for Passenger Airplane of Very Large Passenger Capacity in Flying Wing Layout Denisov, V.E., Bolsunovsky, A.L., Buzoverya, N.P., Gurevich, B.I., Shkadov, L.M
A Brief Comparison of Powered Lift, Flying Wing and Current Technology Subsonic Civil Transport Aircraft Concepts Kehayas, N
Aerodynamic Design and Technology Concepts for a New Ultra-High Capacity Aircraft Greff, E
The Application of the Wing Tip Lifting Surfaces for Practical Aerodynamic Kravchenko, S.A


A Unified Boundary Integral Formulation for Acoustoaeroelastic Analysis of Shells lemma, U., Gennaretti, M., Trainelli, L., Morino, L., Giordani, A
Investigation into the Applicability of Neural Network to Load Identification Cao, X., Mitsui, Y., Sugiyama, Y., Tang, J., Song, B
Experiences with the Evaluation of the High Modal Density Structural Dynamics De Rosa, S., Marulo, F., Franco, F., Ricci, F
Vibro-Acoustic Modelling of the Noise Transmission for the Saab 2000 Goransson, P., Tengzelius, U


Scatter Factors for Damage Tolerance Justification Pizzanelli, L., Beaufils, J.Y., Duprat, D
On Compression Creep of Metal Matrix Composite (Al 6061) at Elevated Temperatures Ismail, Y.M
Transient Dynamic Analysis of the Damage Process of Laminated Composite Panels and Stiffened Panels due to Low Velocity Impact Guan, Z.D., He, Q.Z., Li, Z.N., Kou, C.H
A Probabilistic Approach to Fatigue Damage Accumulation for Damage Tolerance and Durability of Ageing Aircraft Liao, M., Xu, X.F., Yang, Q.X
The New Common Mathematical Model for Expressing Fatigue Characteristics of the Typical Airframe Structure Elements Maler, Z


New Nondestructive Testing Method for Ageing Evaluation of Aircraft Structure Pirfo Barroso, S
The Static and Dynamic Structural Analysis of an Amphibious Aircraft Faria, S.C., Canale, A.C
Dynamics of One-Dimensional Structures with Designed-In Disorder Sayar, M., Demirel, M.C., Atilgan, A.R


Adaptive Local Grid Refinement for Multiblock Solvers Amato, M., laccarino, G., Paparone, L
An Improved Cebeci-Smith Turbulence Model for Boundary-Layer and Navier-Stokes Methods Cebeci, T., Chang, K.C
Development and Application of Methods for Laminar Flow Research at ARA Wong, P.W.C., Maina, M
Viscous Coupling Techniques using Unstructured and Multiblock Meshes Szmelter, J
Numerical Investigation of Unstructured Grid Generation via Modified Bowyer's Method Wan, T
An Inverse-Direct Hybrid Navier-Stokes Solver using Pseude-Analytic Functions Miyazaki, T


Requirements for Effective High Lift CFD Lynch, F.T., Potter, R.C., Spaid, F.W
Modelling of Flow Past Body with Thick Wake in Classical Air Wing Theory Toison, F., Legallais, Ph., Hureau, J
Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Based on High-Level Physics Lee, K.D., Eyi, S
Drag Reduction for Supercritical Aerofoils Sedaghat, A., Shahpar, S., Hall, I.M
Numerical Simulation of In-Flight Aircraft Icing Brahimi, M.T., Tran, P., Tezok, F., Paraschivoiu, I
Prediction of LE and TE Devices Aerodynamics in High-Lift Configurations with Mach and Reynolds Number Effects Nangia, R.K., Galpin, S.A


Analysis of Aircraft Maximum Performances on Optimal Trajectories Avanzini, G., De Matteis, G., De Socio, L.M
Modelling of Aeroplane Dynamics in Extreme Flight Conditions Sibilski, C
Optimal Trajectory Analysis of High Angle of Attack Missiles Innocenti, M., Nasuti, F
Method of Control of a Straked Wing Aircraft for Cobra Manoeuvres Dzygadlo, Z., Kowaleczko, G., Sibilski, K
Tactical Utility of the X-31A Using Post Stall Technologies Gutter, R., Friehmelt, H., Haiplik, R


Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Effect of a Pusher Propeller on a Wing Catalano, F.M., Maunsell, M.G
Scaling of ASTOVL Jet Flow-Fields Knowles, K
Navier-Stokes Analysis for Engine Airframe Integration Chaput, E., Barrera, L., Gacherieu, C., Tourrette, L
Afterbodies and Nozzles Optimization by using Inverse Methods Larocca, F
On the Numerical Investigation of Inlet Buzz Flow Lu, P.-J., Jain, L.-T


Airborne Systems Technology Application to the Windshear Threat Arbuckle, P.D., Lewis, M.S., Hinton, D.A
Parametric Study of Performance of Aircraft Equipped with Airborne Reactive and Forward Looking Sensor during Microburst Encounter including Raining Effect Descatoire, F., Guffond, D., Huynh, H.T
Electromagnetic Energy for the Prevention of Ice Deposition on Aircraft Surfaces Van Loock, W.M
Flight Tests with Computer Generated Synthetic Vision for Improving Poor Visibility Operations Sachs, G., Dobler, K
S.S.T.O. & T.S.T.O. LOX Collection System Performances: Influence of LOX Plant Architecture Hendrick, P
Computer-Aided Implementation of the "Duel" Airborne Operationally Consulting Expert System Investigative Prototype Romanova, V.D., Fedunov, B.E., lunevich, N.D


Optimization of Regional Aircraft Configurations from Passengers' Perspective Pant, R
Conceptual Design Methodologies for Flyingboats and Floatplanes Chicken, H.S
Conceptual Design of an Aircraft for Australian Outback Conditions Roots, M
Redesign and Construction of a High Performance Single Engine Aeroplane Waterhouse, J.R
ATR/Vehicle Integration Christensen, K


Helicopter Rotor Blade Aeroacoustics: A Comparison of Model-Scale Wind Tunnel with Full-Scale Flight Test Results Heller, H., Buchholz, H., Schultz, K.-J., Ahmed, S.R., Splettstoesser, W
Investigation of the Airflow around Aircraft Model at High and Intermediate Angle of Attack with Pressure Sensitive Paint Bykov, A.P., Fonov, S.D., Mosharov, V.E., Orlov, A.A., Pesetsky, V.A., Radchenko, V.N
Static and Forced Oscillation Tests on a Generic Combat Aircraft Model Weir, B., Walker, J.M


A Transonic Doublet Lattice Method for General Configurations Zyl, L.H. van
Further Refinement of the Nonplanar Aspects of the Subsonic Doublet-Lattice Lifting Surface Method Rodden, W.P., Taylor, P.F., McIntosh, Jr., S.C
Unsteady Airloads Prediction for Oscillating Airfoils at Separated Flow Conditions Coiro, D.P., Pagano, A


The United States Air Force's Use of In-Flight Simulation for Aeronautical Research Markman, S.R
The Use of Simulation Tools in the Calculation of Aircraft-Ship Interface Operational Limits De Ferner, B., Le Bihan, O
Some Results of Piloted Simulator Investigations on Windshear Detection Systems and Icon Display Concepts Rouwhorst, W.F.J.A., Haverdings, H


The Technical Development and Importance of Aircraft Recording Systems for Air Safety Investigation Mayes, P
Failure Analysis and System Designing with Reliability and Safety taken into Consideration Borgon, J., Jazwinski, J., Woropay, M., Zurek, J
Simple Analysis to Assess the Evacuation of Transport Airplanes Martfnez-Val, R., Hernandez, C
An Evaluation of Approach and Landing Factors Influencing Airport Safety Khatwa, R., Roelen, A.L., Karwal, A.K., Enders, J.H., Dodd, R., Tarrel, R


On the Optimal Placement of PZT Actuators for the Control of the Dynamic Response of a Beam Barboni, R., Fantini, E., Gaudenzi, P., Mannini, A
Vibration and Shape Control of Smart Structures Huang, P.-Z., Yang, S.-M
Model-Independent Fuzzy Vibration Suppression of Flexible Structures using Non-Collocated Transducers Cohen, K., Weller, T., Ben-Asher, J

FLIGHT DYNAMICS I (Student Session)

The Robust Fault Diagnosis Based on the Singular Value Decomposition Hu, C.H., Xu, H.L., Oing, W
Auto-Pilot Command-Generator Tracker Design by LEQG/LTR Method Tsai, H.-L., Lin, J.-M., Chang, C.-H
Numerical Simulation of the Performance of Aerobatic Aircraft Csapb, G


Eduction of Turbulent Structures in a Thermal Boundary Layer Flow luso, G., Onorato, M., Onorato, M
Investigation into the Mixing Layer due to Two Parallel Supersonic Streams Tarnopolsky, A.Z., Gai, S.L
Unsteady Base Flow - Vortex Shedding and Pressure Fluctuations Vassilopoulos, K., Gai, S.L
The Effect of Offset Ratio on the Mean Flow Characteristics of Turbulent Offset Jets Nasr, A., Lai, J.C.S
Momentum and Heat Transfer in Laminar Boundary Layer Flows of Non-Newtonian Power-Law Fluids Past External Surfaces Erim, M.Z., Yükselen, M.A


Experimental Studies on Atomization, Vaporization and Combustion for Liquid Rocket Propulsion Brummund, U., Cessou, A., Vogel, A
Application of a Domain Decomposition Technique to the Mathematical Modelling of a Solid Fuel Combustion Chamber of a Ramjet Coelho, P.J., Duic, N., Carvalho, M.G
Possibilities of Suppression Toxic Substances Emission by Non-Stationary Combustion Bazarov, V.G
Status and Trends of Aeroengine Pollutant Emissions Hourmouziadis, J., Wulff, A
Calculation of Turbulent Reacting Flows in a Cylindrical Combustor with Swirling Inflows Bai, X.-S., Fuchs, L


Information Processing Strategies in Air Traffic Controllers Amaldi, P., Boudes, N., Cellier, J.-M
The Flight Management System within World-Wide Communication/ Navigation/Surveillance and Air Traffic Management Applications Wittig, T., Dudek, H.-L
4D ATM Cockpit: Set-Up and Initial Evaluation Hoogeboom, P.J., Huisman, H
An Optimal Aircraft Conflict Resolution System Based on Hybrid Models Bousson, K., Paglione, P


Modeling of Semi-Empirical Transonic Unsteady Aerodynamics for Predicting Limit Cycle Oscillation Characteristics of Fighter Aircraft Meijer, J.J
Influence of Structural Modifications on the Aeroelastic Analysis of Large Transport Aircraft Balis Crema, L., Mastroddi, F., Coppotelli, G., lazzetta, A., Pecora, M
Robust Stabilization of a Transonic Flutter based on a Linearized Transonic Math Model Matsushita, H., Saitoh, K., Hashidate, M
Optimization of Composite Aeroelastic Wings using a Cellular Automata Paradigm Persiani, F., Piancastelli, L
Largely Bent Wing Flutter Avertchenkov, V.V


The Effects of Surface Corrosion on the Fatigue Behaviour of Aluminium Alloy Specimens Containing Cold Expanded Holes Glinos, N., Wagstaff, P.G., Cook, R
Effect of Material Properties and Load Parameters on the Crack Growth Propagation Behai, J., Dlouhä, J., Ruzek, R
A Theoretical Approach for the Damage Behaviour Characterisation of Composite Shells Ikonomopoulos, G., Perreux, D., Marchetti, M
Studies on the Durability of Polymeric Materials for High Performance Composites Grayson, M.A
The Prediction of Defects of A/C Pressing Calkovsky, A., Samek, R
A Comparative Evaluation of Damage Influence on Aircraft Structure Safety Danilecki, S

FLIGHT DYNAMICS II (Student Session)

Experimental Study of Aircraft Stability Enhancement at High Angles of Attack Huang, A
Calculation of Aerodynamic Coefficients of Missile Like Geometries by Viscous/lnviscid Coupling Onen, C., Yavuz, I., Kavsaoglu, M.S
Method for the Evaluation Vertical Tail Surfaces of a Light Aircraft Based on Lateral Flying Qualities Memon, G
Steeper Approaches Rhodes, D.P


A Pure Vortex Method for Simulating Unsteady, Incompressible, Separated Flows Around Static and Pitching Aerofoils Lin, H.Q., Vezza, M
Application of Viscous-lnviscid Interaction Methods for a Separated Flow Calculation about Airfoils and High-Lift Systems Lyapunov, S.V., Woikov, A.V
An Accurate and Efficient Viscous Interaction Approach for Analysis and Design of Airfoils and High-Lift Configurations Verhoff, A., Michal, T., Cebeci, T
Convective Discretization Dependence on the Performance of Several Turbulence Models for Airfoil Stall Flow Kobayashi, M.H., Marques, N.P.C., Pereira, J.C.F
Calculation of High-Lift Aerodynamics on Adaptive Unstructured Grids Jahangirian, A.R., Johnston, L.J
A Block Structured Based Method for the Flow Prediction over Low Reynolds Numbers Multi-Element Airfoils Wilquem, F., Passelecq, C. Degrez, G


Linear Control of Side Forces and Yawing Moments using the Dynamic Manipulation of Forebody Vortices Lee, R., Hanff, E.S., Kind, R.J
Behaviours of Leading-Edge Separation Vortex Formed on a Delta Wing with Vortex Flaps Rinoie, K., Fujita, T., Iwasaki, A., Fujieda, H
Effect of Forebody Form on the Aerodynamic Charateristics and Airflow around an Aircraft Model up to High Angles of Incidence Pesetsky, V., Kalashnikov, S., Lovell, D.A
Effect of Lateral Blowing on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Low Aspect-Ratio Wings at High Angles of Attack Karashima, K., Sato, K
Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Highly Swept Wing in Steady/Unsteady Pitching States and Effects of Flap Control at Large Incidence Hsing, T.D., Yu, G.Z., Gu, Z.F
Experimental Measurement on Airfoils with Trailing Edge Wedges Sardjadi, D
Study of a Local Surface Micro-Disturbance Effects on the Supercritical Airfoil Performance Kania, W
WING-GRID, A Novel Device for Reduction of Induced Drag on Wings La Roche, U., Palffy, S


Computer-Aided Engineering for the Design of Flight Control and Hydraulic Systems Scholz, D
Effects of Anomalies in Hydraulic Actuators into Dynamics of the Aircraft Control Systems Rohacs, J
A Critical Comparison between Different Methods of Flap Systems Actuation Speed Limitation Borello, L., Villero, G., D'Onofrio, E
About Aeroservoelasticity Criteria for Electrohydraulic Servomechanisms Synthesis Ursu, I., Vladimirescu, M., Ursu, F
Computer Analysis and Simualtion of Transient State and Pressure Recovering in Fast Cyclic Hydraulic Actuators Jankovic, J
Digital Redesign of the NRC Bell 205 Artificial Feel System Gubbels, A.W., Goheen, K.R


Numerical Study of Aerodynamic High Speed Propeller Engine Integration on Transport Aircraft Colin, P., Moreux, V., Barillier, A
Experimental Investigation on Propeller Slipstream Interference Effects on a Swept Wing at Low Speed Conditions Prijo Kusumo, J., Gayus, N., Custers, L.G.M., Haij, L.H. de, Veldhuis, L.L.M
Analysis of Propeller Slipstream Effects on a Trailing Wing Veldhuis, L.L.M
Measurements of the Propeller Slipstream Interaction with a Nacelle and Wing Barber, D.J., Nelson, T.E
Analysis of Propeller Slipstream Field Wang, D.Q., Lindblad, I., Eliasson, P


Nonlinear Vibration Tests of Isotropic Cylindrical Shells under Compressive Axial Loads Gunawan, L., Klompä, A.W.H., Zwaan, R.J
Behaviour of an Aeronautic Composite Panel submitted to an Impulsive Loading Moreno, A., Dauce, J.-P
Vibrations and Stability of a Biself-Excited Surface Structure in Supersonic Flow Subjected to a Follower Force Dzygadlo, Z., Nowotarski, I., Olejnik, A
Effects of Replacement of a Dynamic Crash Test with a Quasi Dynamic One. Test of the PW-5 World Class Glider Czarnocki, P., Wiacek, T., Wingralek, W
The Application of Dynamic Loads to a Full Scale F/A-18 Fatigue Test Article Conser, D.P., Graham, A.D., Smith, C.J., Yule, C.L


The Interaction between Secondary Flow and Film Cooling in a Turbine Nozzle Langowsky, C
The Influence of Rotation and Buoyancy on Radially Inward and Outward Directed Flow in a Rotating Circular Coolant Channel Elfert, M., Hovel, H., Towfighi, K
Flow Separation Prediction on Inlets with Mach and Reynolds Number Effects in Subsonic Flight Nangia, R.K., Palmer, M.E., Hodges, J
Validation of Non-Axisymmetric Terms in 3-D Viscous Flow Analysis for High Speed Axial Compressors Kaldellis, J.K., Georgantopoulos, G.A
Heat Transfer around a 180deg Turn in a Square Channel Carlomagno, G.M., Cardone, G., Astarita, T

AERODYNAMICS III (Student Session)

Analysis of Wrap-Around Finned Missiles with a Zonal Navier-Stokes Solver Sen, T.S., Korkem, B., Temel, B., Kavsaoglu, M.S
Aerodynamic Design of Swept Infinite Wing with Flap for Subsonic and Transonic Flight Regimes Kovalev, K.V
Aircraft Induced Drag Minimization Using the Constrained Optimization Method Martins, A.L., Ribeiro, R.S
Numerical Solution of Axisymmetric Jet-Plume Coupled with External Freestream Yilmaz, E., Kavasaoglu, M.S
Developed CAI Model for Complex Parts Zivkovic, S


Navier-Stokes Calculations for a Complete Aircraft Lehtimaki, R., Laine, S., Siikonen, T., Salminen, E
Joined-Wing Configuration Aerodynamics Wai, J.C., Herling, W.W., Roetman, E.L
Investigation of the Vortex Wake Evolution and Flight Safety Vyshinsky, V.V., Soudakov, G.G


The Unsteady Pressure Field on a Wing with Large Regions of Separated Flow Lee, B.H.K., Marineau-Mes, S
Unsteady Aerodynamic Phenomena on Novel Wing Planforms Woods, M.I., Wood, N.J
The Comparison between the Dynamic Stall of a Finite Wing with Straight and Swept Tips Galbraith, R.A.McD., Coton, F.N., Jiang, D., Gilmour, R


Rate Limiters with Phase Compensation Rundqwist, L
Robust Autopilot Design Strategy for Functionally Dependent Parameter Uncertainties Shaviv, G.E., Idan, M
In-Flight Monitoring of Critical Sensors Jann, Th


Landing Gear Integration on a Supersonic Transport Aircraft Roloff, G
Semi-Active Controlled Shock Absorber for Large Flexible Aircraft Wentscher, H., Roloff, G
The Simulation of Aircraft Landing Gears During Usual and Unusual Manoeuvres Kapadoukas, G.G., Self, A.W., Marteau, F
Well-Conditioned Procedures for Optimal Robust Design of Flight Control Systems Stoica, A


Buckling Behaviour of Large GLARE Fuselage Shells under Compression and Shear Loading Horst, P
Postbuckling of Laminated Composite and Sandwich-Type Plates and Shells: On the Significance of the Fulfillment of Static Interlayer Continuity Conditions Librescu, L., Lin, W., DiSciuva, M., Icardi, U
Application of Skew-Transverseiy-Repetitive Analysis for Buckling of Plate Arrays with Curved or Straight Internal Supports York, C.B
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