ICAS 1988 Jerusalem

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The Outlook for Wind-Tunnel Testing



The International Vortex Flow Experiment for Computer Code Validation G DROUGGE

General lectures

Flight Systems - Man/Machine Interface in the Computer Age S J MERHAV
Part I: Technologies for Future Transport Aircraft M J ROEDER
Part II: Technology of the A320 Aircraft J P POTOCKI
Emerging Hypersonic Propulsion Technology E T CURRAN, H L BEACH
NASA/Industry Advanced Turboprop Technology Program J A ZIEMIANSKI, J B WHITLOW Jr

Environmental Safety

Simulated Environment Testing for Aircraft P W SMITH
Windshear Detection and Avoidance: Airborne Systems Perspective R L BOWLES, R TARG
Takeoff Flight-Paths in the Presence of Wind and Wind Variation K -U HAHN
Results from a Programme of Low Altitude Atmospheric Turbulence Measurements by an Instrumented Aircraft G W FOSTER, J G JONES

Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics

Recent European Advancements in Hypersonic Aerodynamics and Aerothermics related to 'HERMES' Program P PERRIER
Effects of' Reynolds Numbers on Static Characteristics of Aerodynamics of a Slender Cone Q Y ZHUANG
Heat Transfer Measurements on Biconics at Incidence in Supersonic High Enthalpy Air & Nitrogen Flows S L GAI, T CAIN, W S JOE, R J SANDEMAN,C G MILLER
Sensitivity of Supersonic Combustion to Combustor/ Flameholder Design G S DISKIN, G BURTON NORTHAM

Fatigue and Damage Tolerance

Fatigue Crack Growth Under Cyclic Compression Role of First Load Cycle A F BLOM, D K HOLM, S SURESH
Damage Tolerance and Engineering Properties of Aluminium-Lithium Alloys WGJ ’t HART, L SCHRA, R J H WANHILL
Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue Characterization of Aluminium-Lithium Alloys G CAVALLINI, L LAZZERI, F BOSCHETTI, A SOLINA, M DE SANCTIS
A New Approach to Load Transfer in Bolted Joints V WEISSBERG, K WANDER, R ITZHAKOV

Laminar Flow

Natural Laminar Flow Research for Subsonic Transport Aircraft in the FRG H KORNER
Toward Lower Drag with Laminar Flow Technology W D HARVEY, P J BOBBITT
A Study of Viscous Flow Over Elliptic Cylinders R BAHL
Design and Experimental Verification of an Advanced Fowler Flapped Natural Laminar Flow Airfoil R BERTOCCHI

CFD Applications to Propulsion

Three Dimensional Inviscid Flow Calculations in Turbomachinery Components T ARTS
Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow Through Tandem Cascade D XU, G WU
3D Computations of Complex Internal Flow Systems C HIRSCH, C LACOR
Calculation of Flow Along a Cowl of a Shrouded Propfan Using a 3D-Euler Code S LEI CHER

Helicopter Flight Dynamics

Experimental Investigation of Strong In-Flight Oscillation on Helicopters and its Prevention X ZHI-MING
Optimization of Helicopter Takeoff and Landing T CERBE, G REICHERT
Theoretical Modelling for Helicopter Flight Dynamics: Development and Validation G D PADFIELD

Active Control Technology

Integrated Control Technology for Commuter Aircraft Experimental Results and Future Potential V ALLIS, H BÖHRET, H WÜNNENBERG
Active Flutter Suppression for a Wing Model G L GHIRINGHELLI, M LANZ, P MANTEGAZZA
ACT Wind Tunnel Experiments of a Transport-Type Wing T UEDA, H MATSUSHITA, S SUZUKI, Y MIYAZAWA
Multivariable Control System Design for an Unstable Canard Aircraft D COWLING

Transport Aircraft 1

Transonic Investigations on High Aspect Ratio Forward- and Aft-Swept Wings T OHNUKI, N KAMIYA
Design Philosophy of Long Range LFC Transports with Advanced Supercritical LFC Airfoils W PFENNINGER, C S VERMURU
Aerodynamic Design and Integration of a Variable Camber Wing for a New Generation Long/Medium Range Aircraft E GREFF

Optimal Aircraft Guidance

Open Loop Optimal Control of Multi-Engine Aircraft After One Engine Failure W JIANPEI, B KAUFMANN
Maximum Recovery Area in Approach for the Space Plane Hermes F JOUHAUD
On Minimum Time to Point, Maneuver, and Shoot: Singular Perturbation Feedback Lav in Head-On-Pass Engagement H STALFORD, E HOFFMAN
Real-Time Guidance Laws for Three-Dimensional Interception M DO KHAC, H T HUYNH

Turbulence Modeling

Comparison of Differential Reynolds Stress and k-£ Turbulence Models for the Driven Cavity Problem R K COOPER, M WOLFSHTEIN, M BEHNIA, G DE VAHL DAVIS, J REIZES
Numerical Simulation of an Unsteady Turbulent Flow Past a Sudden Expansion Y GAGNON, A GIOVANNINI
Efficient Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flows E ARAD, M WOLFSHTEIN
A Direct Aerofoil Performance Code Incorporating Laminar Separation Bubble Effects F N COTON, R A McD GALBRAITH

Composites 1

Delamination Buckling of Cylindrical Laminates G J SIMITSES, Z Q CHEN, S SALLAM
Buckling of Edge-Damaged Cylindrical Composite Shells M SABAG, Y STAVSKY, J B GREENBERG
Dynamic Bucking of Composite Plates and Columns Under Axial Impact T WELLER, J SINGER, H ABRAMOVICH, H ROHRLE K JORDE
A Geometrically Nonlinear Theory of Shear Deformable Laminated Composite Plates and Its Use in the Postbuckling Analysis L LIBRESCU, M STEIN


The FAA Designee System and its Contribution to Commercial Aviation F W ZAPPERT, H A PARKER
A Review of Requirements, Design Considerations and Resulting Experience for Extended Range Operation of Two-Engine Airplanes C F FICKEISEN
International Regulations for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods J L COX
Application of Physiological Measures to the Estimation of Pilot's Mental State R L HARRIS, A T POPE

Missile Guidance and Control

Optimal Guidance Law for a Bank-to-Turn Missile Y Di, Z Lan, X Gao, Y Wu, S Tang
Optimal Guidance for High Order and Acceleration Constrained Missile L RUSNAK, L MEIR
Real-Time Analysis of Microcomputer-Based Adaptive Flight Control Systems J CHEN, Y OU, Y WANG, J LI AN, C LU, S SU

Hypersonic Structures and Materials

Materials and Structures for Hypersonic Vehicles D R TENNEY, W B LISAGOR, S C DIXON
Metallic Thermal Protection Concept for Aerodynamic Controlled Hypersonic Vehicles H GRALLERT, K KELLER
Application of Integrated Fluid-Thermal-Structural Analysis Methods A R WIETING, P DECHAUMPHAI, K S BEY, E A THORNTON, K MORGAN
On the Determination of Heat Transfer in Structures of Re-Entry Vehicles C HABERJLAND, A LAHRMANN, W NITSCHE

Aircraft Control in Windshear

On the Compensation of the Phugoid Mode Induced ty Initial Conditions and Windshears L M B C CAMPOS
Optimization and Guidance of Landing Trajectories in a Windshear A MIELE, T WANG, W W MELVIN
Airbus Airborne Windshear System and Windshear Warning Design Process P CAMUS, J L BONAEE

Planform Optimisation

Turbulent Flow Measurement Behind the Wing/Body Junction of an Airbus A310 Model J OLSSON, J SZODRUCH
An Aerodynamic Comparison of Planar and Non-Planar Outboard Wing Planforms D A NAIK, C OSTOWARI
Flow Properties Associated with Wing/Body Junctions in Wind Tunnel and Flight A BERTELRUD, J SZODRUCH, J OLSSON

Composites 2

Large Deflections of Laminated Composite Plates and Shells R SCHMIDT
Dynamic Stability of Transversely Isotropic Viscoelastic Flat Plates L LIBRESCU, N K CHANDIRAMANI
Optimization of Conical Anisotropic Shells G V VASILIEV, G N ADAM

Unsteady Aerodynamics - Nonviscid Modelling

Unsteady Transonic Flows Past Airfoils and Wings Using a Fast Implicit Godunov Type Euler Solver A BRENNEIS, A EBERLE
Thickness Effects in the Unsteady Aerodynamics of Interfering Lifting Surfaces L P RUIZ-CALAVERA, W GEISSLER
Unsteady Supersonic Flow Computations for Arbitrary Three-Dimensional Configurations D D LIU, PC CHEN, P GARCIA-FOGEDA

Air Traffic Control

ATSAM (Air Traffic Simulation Analysis Model) A Simulation-Tool to Analyze En-Route Air Traffic Scenarios A HORMANN
Flight Simulations on MLS-Guided Interception Procedures and Curved Approach Path Parameters L J J ERKELENS
Approach Flight Guidance of a Regional Air Traffic Aircraft Using GPS in Differential Mode T JACOB
In-Flight Inertial Guidance Alignment D GOSHEN-MESKIN, I Y BAR-ITZHACK

Modern Propeller Aerodynamics

From Single Rotating Propfan to Counter Rotating Ducted Propfan Propeller/Fan Characteristics M LECHT
Single and Contra-Rotation High Speed Propellers: Flow Calculation and Performance Prediction P W C WONG, M MAIM, C R FORSEY, A J BOCCI
From Single-Rotating Propfan to Counter-Rotating Ducted Propfan Propeller/Fan Characteristics P SCHIMMING
Experimental and Numerical Study of Propeller Wakes in Axial Flight Regime D FAVIER, A ETTAOUIL, C MARESCA, C BARBI

Dynamics and Fatigue

In-Flight Processing of Aircraft Fatigue Loads from Aerodynamic Parameters D BARUCH, A BERKOVITS
Fatigue Life Improvement of Thick Sections by Hole Cold Expansion J Y MAM, P W BEAVER, J G SPARROW
The Use of Static Analysis and the Stress Modes Approach as an Engineering Oriented Procedure for Calculating the Response of Aeronautical Structures to Random Excitation G MAYMON
Quadrilateral Coons Surface Shell Finite Element with Discrete Principal Curvature Lines T Q YE, Y ZHAO

Aerodynamic Design and Numhucal Methods

Aerodynamic Optimization K -W BOCK
Subsonic Aerodynamic Prediction of Shuttle-Like Configurations Using Nonlinear Vortex-Lattice D ALMOSNINO, J ROM
Computational Aerodynamic Design Concepts for Futuristic Air Combat S C GUPTA
Navier-Stokes Computation of High-Speed Wing Flow A RIZZI, C ERIKSSON

Vortex Flows - Viscous Effects

Investigations on the Vorticity Sheets of a Close- Coupled Delta-Canard Configuration H -.C OELKER, D HUMMEL
Study of Three-Dimensional Effects of Vortex Breakdown M D SALAS, G KURUVILA
Numerical and Experimental Determination of Secondary Separation at the Leeward Side of a Delta Wing in Compressible Flow E M HOUTMAN, W J BANNINK
Investigation of Flow Over Cavity-Blunt Body Combination at Supersonic Speed O H RHO, D H LEE, J H KIM, S J KIM

Hypersonic Vehicle Design and Propulsion

Sanger II, A Hypersonic Flight and Space Transportation System D E KOELLE
Air Breathing Combined Engines for Space Transportation Systems A LARDELLIER, M POULIQUEN
Driving Mechanisms in Unstable Ramjet Combustors U G HEDGE, D REUTER, B T ZUN

Inlets and Nozzles

New Guide for Accurate Navier-Stokes Solution of Two-Dimensional External Compression Inlet with Bleed C K FORESTER, E TJONNELAND
Numerical Prediction of Flow Entrainment Around a V/STOL Aircraft in Ground Effect C M MILFORD
Investigation of the Pressure Distribution in 2D Rocket Nozzle with Mechanical System for T V C T DRAGOVIC, B JOJIC, Z STEFANOVIC

Emerging Materials

The Design of Aerospace Materials for the Future C J PEEL, R MORETON
Emerging Materials Technologies for Future Aero Gas Turbines A HIRST
Some Novel Test Methods for, and Associated Problems of, Mechanical Strength Characterisation of Engineering Ceramics G R ESSAM, G SYERS

Vortex Flaps

Effectiveness of Combination of Apex and Leading- Edge Vortex Flap on a 7^ Degree Delta-Wing or Without Trailing-Edge Flap T D BEING, K X SHEN, Z F WANG, W H GUO, F G ZHUANG
The Behaviour and Performance of Leading-Edge Vortex Flaps D G ELLIS, J L STOLLERY
Control-Configured Vortex Flaps - A Feasibility Study D M RAO

Unsteady Aerodynamics - Viscous Modelling

Viscous/Inviscid Interaction Procedure for High¬Amplitude Oscillating Airfoils W GEISSLER, L W CARR, T CEBECI
Time-Consistent Computation of Transonic Buffet Over Airfoils P GIRODROUX-LAVIGNE, J C Le BALLEUR
Application of Unsteady Aerodynamic Methods for Transonic Aeroelastic Analysis W WHITLOW

Transport Aircraft 2

Transgression Investigations of Helicopter Dynamics K SZUMANSKI
The Aerodynamic Development of the Fokker 100 E OBERT
Evolution of the LAVI Fighter Aircraft S TSACH, A PELED
Design Evolution for a New Regional Airliner J SPINTZYK, H KROJER

Gas Turbine Technology

3D Flow Computations in a Centrifugal Compressor With Splitter Blade Including Viscous Effect Simulation V MILLOUR
Detailed Measurements of the Flow in the Vaned Diffuser of a Backswept Transonic Centrifugal Impeller Ch FRADIN
Aerodynamic Response of Multi-State Blade Rows S FLEETER
Optical Diagnostic for Air Breathing Engines Y LEVY, Y M TIMNAT

Systems Evaluation

Flight Evaluation of the ATTAS Digital Fly-By-Wire/ Light Flight Control System D HARKE, H -H LANGE
An Intelligent Fiberoptic Data Bus for Fly-By-Light Applications L C MANOHARAN, S MUTHUVEL
Digital Electronics on Small Helicopter Engines K J HICKS
Engine Control - A New High Accuracy Pressure Sensor J PASCAL, H BARNY, H FIMA

CFD Methods 1

Accuracy Versus Convergence Rates for a Three Dimensional Multistage Euler Code E TURKEL
An Artificial Viscosity Model and Boundary Condition Implementation of Finite Volume Methods for the Euler Equations L WANG, F ZHUANG
Numerical Simulation of Transonic Wing Flows using a Zonal Euler / Boundary-Layer / Navier-Stokes Approach M A ZCHMATZ, F MONNOYER, K H WANIE
Numerical Simulation of 2-D Turbulent Flow Fields With Strong Separation W FRITZ

Composites 3

Buckling and Postbuckling Behaviour of Composite Panels B GEIER
Postbuckling of Eccentric Open-Section Stiffened Composite Panels M STEIN
The Buckling and Postbuckling Behaviour of Curved CFRP Laminated Shear Panels K WOLF, H KOSSIRA
Post-Buckling Behaviour of Laminated Composite Stiffeners and Stiffened Panels Under Cyclic Loading Y FROSTIG, G SITON, A SEGAL, I SHEINMAN, T WELLER

Transport Aircraft 3

The Designer's Impact on Commercial Aircraft Economics A L JACOBSON, D G MURPHY
Influence of EFCS-System Failures on Structural Design of Modern Transport Aircraft M BESCH
Sensitivity Analysis and Multidisciplinary Optimization for Aircraft Design: Recent Advances and Results J SOBIESZCZANSKI-SOBIESKI
High Speed Commercial Transport Study Status Report M MACKINNON

Ultralights and Sailplanes

The Calculation of Aerodynamic Forces on Flexible Wings of Agricultural Aircraft T GAUSZ
Aerodynamic and Structural Design of the Standard Class Sailplane ASW-24 L M M BOERMANS, G WAIBEL
Man Powered Aircraft - State.of the Art 1987 G M LILLEY, P G FIELDING
Flight Mechanical Analysis of Procedure Turns in Agricultural Aviation I LOVRO

Boundary Layer Control

Flight and Windtunnel Investigations on Boundary Layer Transition at Reynolds Numbers up to 10 7 K H HORSTMANN, A QUAST, G REDEKER
Experimental Study of the Behaviour of NACA 0009 Profile in a Transonic LEBU Configuration J P BONNET, J DELVILLE, J LEMAY
Turbulent Boundary Layer Manipulation in Zero Pressure Gradient E COUSTOLS, J COUSTEIX
Laminar Flow Control Leading Edge Systems in Simulated Airline Service R D WAGNER, D V MADDALON, D F FISHER

CFD Methods 2

A Parallel Algorithm of AF-2 Scheme for Plane Steady Transonic Potential Flow with Small Transverse Disturbance S-Y LI, Q-W LIAO, D-J LUO
The Embedded Grid-Concept and TSP Methods Applied to the Calculation of Transonic Flow About Wing/Body/ Nacelle/Pylon-Configurations W DIEGIAN, S G HEDMAN
Multigrid Computation of Transonic Flow About Complex Aircraft Configurations, using Cartesian Grids and Local Refinement B EPSTEIN, A L LUNTZ, A NACHSHON
Towards a General Three-Dimensional Grid Generation System L G TYSELL, S G HEDMAN

Aerolasticity 1

Research and Application in Aeroservoelasticity at the NASA Langley Research Center I ABEL, T E NOLL
Aircraft Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics Research at the NASA Langley Research Center-Some Illustrative Results R V DOGGETT JR, F W CAZIER JR
Optimization of Nonlinear Aeroelastic Tailoring Criteria F ABDI, H IDE, V J SHANKAR, J S SOBIESKI
Aeroelasticity and Structural Optimization of Rotor Blades with Swept Tips P P FRIEDMANN, R CELI

Metallic Alloys

Behaviour of Aluminum-Lithium Alloys in Typical Aircraft Structural Applications J C EKVALL, D J CHELLMAN
Alloy Design, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Superlight High Stiffness Aluminium-Lithium Materials M PETERS, W BUNK
N18, A new High Strength, Damage Tolerant PM Superalloy for Turbine Discs Application A WÄLDER, M MARTY, J L STURDEL, E BACHELET, J H DAVIDSON, J F STOHR

Measurement and Crashworthiness

A System for Measuring, Recording and Processing Flight Test Data J T M VAN DOORN, P J H M MANDERS, O VAN TEUNENBROEK
Non-Destructive Methods Applied to Aviation Equipment Testing in Service J LEWITOWICZ
Application of a Flight Performance Advisory System to the F/A-18 Aircraft M J FRIEDMAN
Damage Development in Composite Materials During Fatigue, Impact and Hygrothermal Loading I H J M VERPOEST, M G T WEVERS

Advances Avionics

The Design, Development and. Integration of the Complex Avionics Systems P SCHIRLE
Optimal Integration of Inertial Sensor Functions for Flight Control and Navigation U KROGMANN
Central Fault Display Systems F VAUVERSIN, J P POTOCKI DE MONTALK
Fit and Forget Avionics T G HAMILL

Wind Tunnel Testing

Some New Test Results in the Adaptive Rubber Tube Test Section of the DFVLR Gottingen A HEDDERGOTT, E WEDEMEYER
Application of a Flexible Wall Testing Technique to the NASA Langley 0.3-m Transonic Cryogenic Tunnel S W D WOLF
Blockage Corrections at High Angles of Attack in a Wind Tunnel P A GILI, D M PASTRONE, F B QUAGLIOTTI, E BARBANTINI
Cryogenic Wind Tunnels for High Reynolds Number Testing R A KILGORE, P L LAWING

CFD Applications to Aircraft Design

Recent Developments and Industrial Applications of Euler- and Navier-Stokes-Solvers B WAGNER, W SCHMIDT
An Efficient Method for Computing Transonic and Supersonic Flows About Aircraft G VOLPE, A JAMESON
Managing CFD in Industry R H WICKEMEYER

Structural Testing

A320 Full Scale Structural Testing for Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Certification of Metallic and Composite Structure B BRANDECKER, R HILGERT
Summary of the Kfir Fatigue Evaluation Program E REINBERG, A BROT
Space Shuttle Orbiter Windshield Bird Impact Analysis K S EDELSTEIN, R E McCARTY
Multi-Mode GVT/FEM Correlation S SIEGEL, V K GUPTA

High Angle of Attack (Unsteady)

The Application and Improvement of "Wall Pressure Signature" Correction Method for the Tunnel Wall Interference J GUIQING
Analysis of Fluctuating Pressure on a Mose- Cylinder Body Measured in a Transonic Wind Tunnel M EBIHARA, Y AIHARA
Unsteady Motion of Vortex-Breakdown Positions on Delta Wings H PORTNOY

Mathematic Modelling & Simulation

Design of Higher Bandwidth Model Following for Flight Vehicle Stabilization and Control F HENSCHEL, G BOUWER
Phase II Flight Simulator Mathematical Model and Data-Package, Based on Flight Test and Simulation Techniques A M H NIEUWPOORT, J H BREEMAN, M BAARSPUL J A MULDER
Sensitivity of Reduced Flight Dynamic Model Depending on Elasticity of Aircraft Structure J JANKOVIC

Propeller Noise

Predicting the Noise of Counter-Rotating Propellers J M CAILLEAU
Analysis of the Transmission of Sound into the Passenger Compartment of a Propeller Aircraft Using the Finite Element Method P GÖRANSSON, F DAVIDSSON
The Ultralight Aeroplane - A "Pain in the Air" or an Environmentally Acceptable Flight Vehicle? H HELLER, W DOBRZYNSKI, H DAHLEN

Aircraft Stability and Control

The Study of Global Stability and Sensitive Analysis of High Performance Aircraft at High Angles-of-Attack H GAO, Z D HE Z Q ZHOU
Determination of Departure Susceptibility and Centre of Gravity Limitations for Control Augmented Aircraft M MEDINA, M SHAHAF
Aerodynamic Design of a Manual Aileron Control for an Advanced Turbo-Prop Trainer O L P MASEFIELD

Low Speed Flow

Experimental Investigation of the Complex 3-D Flow Around a Body of Revolution at Incidence G IUSO, M ONORATO, M S OGGIANO, S DE PONTE, B YUZHONG, Z XIAODI
The Flight Performance of an RPV Compared with Wind Tunnel and Theoretical (CFD) Results J L STOLLERY, D J DYER
Some Types of Scale Effect in Low-Speed, High-Lift Flows D S WOODWARD, B C HARDY, P R ASHILL

Vortex Flows N/S Euler Equations

Aerodynamic Applications of an Efficient Incompressible Wavier—Stokes Solver P -M HARTWICH, C -H HSU, J M LUCKRIWG, C H LIU
Basic Analysis of the Flow Fields of Slender Delta Wings Using the Euler Equations S SCHERR, A DAS
Modeling of Vortex Dominated Flowfields in the Euler Formulation K D LEE, S A BRANDT

Damage Mechanics

Stress Intensity Factor of Three Dimensional Crack at the Edge of a Hole M OORE
The Calculation of Energy Release Rate Components Using the Coupled Strain Energy F WEINSTEIN
Axisymmetrical Response by a Penny-Shaped Interface Crack in Multi-Layered Composites X MA, Z ZOU, W HUANG, C SHAO
Impact of Carbon Fibre Composites J MORTON

Optimal Design

Controlled Non-Conforming Finite Elements and Data Base as Approach to the Analysis of Aircraft Structure Z BOJANIC, M JOSIFOVIC
Optimal Design of Large Laminated Structures R I WATKINS
Efficient Procedures for the Optimization of Aircraft Structures with a Large Number of Design Variables U -L BERKES, J WIEDEMANN
Variation of Anisotropic Axes Due to Multiple Constraints in Structural Optimization D W MATHIAS, G HORNUNG, H RÖHRLE

Aircraft Power Plant Control

Mathematical Model of a Turbo-Fan-Engine -with Real-Time Capabilities R BROCKHAUS
Toward More Effective Redundancy in Digital Gas Turbine Engine Controls K ROBINSON
A Turbofan System Using a Nonlinear Precompensator andna Model - Following Riccati - Feedback H SÖLTER
Propulsion Interface Unit (PIU) Controller on PW1120/DEEC Re-Engined FU Aircraft I FRISCH, D IVERSON, E TJ0NNELAND

Transsonic Flow

The Cause and Cure of Periodic Flows at Transonic Speeds J GIBB
Calculation and Measurement of Transonic Flows Over Aerofoils with Novel Rear Sections P R ASHILL
Experience in Application of Active Vibration Control Technology to a Wind Tunnel Model and to Flying Airbus K KOENIG
Transonic Magnus Force on a Finned Configuration M RINGEL, A SEGINER

Aerolasticity 2

Flutter Calculation of Flutter Models for JAS 39 Gripen V J E STARK
Three Dimensional Flow Simulation with Application to Aeroelastic Analysis J L F AZEVEDO
Design and Analysis of a High Speed Composite Material Wing Flutter Model A P N SUTHERLAND
Orthogonalisation: A Tool for Improved Test Data D M WILSON

Composites 4

Advanced Composite Development for Large Transport Aircraft R D WILSON
Composite Secondary and Primary Structures for Pilatus Aircraft. Experience from the Development and Considerations for Future Applications V DORER, K WIESLER

Design Optimization and CAD/CAM

Integrated CAE-Application of a CAD/CAM System Through the Extensive Use of Interfaces L THIEME
Aircraft Configuration Analysis/Syntesis Expert System: A New Approach to Preliminary Sizing of Combat Aircraft R BARGETTO, B MAZETTI, G GARBOLINO
Computer-Aided Structural Optimisation of Aircraft Structures P BARTHOLOMEW, H WELLEN
Computational Design and Efficiency Optimization of Agricultural Airplanes R STAUFENBIEL, T SCHERER, I STEIGER

Life Cycle and Reliability

The Review of Progress on the Development of Life Cycle Costing Techniques as an Aid to Procurement and Modification Decisions D W DANIEL
Reliability and Maintenance in Modern Avionics Equipment - A User's Point of View F J KENNIS
A Reliability and. Maintainability Prediction Method for Aircraft Conceptual Design V C SERGHIDES, J P FIELDING
Mechanical Failure Analysis as a Means of Improving Quality Assurance in the Aeronautical Industry M KENDLER, E MAKEVET

Vortex Flows - Experimental

Canard / LEF Design for a Multi-Mission Fighter Aircraft M SHEPSHELOVICH, D ABOUDI, E BAHARAV, B EPSTEIN, A LUNTZ
Vortical Flows Around Delta Wings in Unsteady Maneuvers and Gusts R STAUFENBIEL, B STECKEMETZ, S ZHU
Quantitative Flow Field Visualization in Wind Tunnels by Means of Particle Image Velocimetry J KOMPENHANS
Vortex Breakdown - Investigations by Using the Ultrasonic-Laser-Method and Laser-Sheet Technique R H ENGLER
Effects of Maneuver Dynamics on Drag Polars for an Aircraft with Automatic Wing Camber Control J W HICKS, B J MOULTON

Engine / Airframe Integration

Low Speed Wind Tunnel Investigation of Propeller Slipstream Aerodynamic Effects on Different Nacelle/Wing Combinations I SAMUELSSON
Very High Bypass Ratio Engines for Commercial Transport Propulsion H 'SKAVDAHL, R A ZIMBRICK, J L COLEHOUR, G P SALLEE
Aerodynamic Instability Definitions and Their Use in Illustrating Nonrecoverable Stall Technology W G STEENKEN
Engine Surge Simulation in Wind-Tunnel Model Inlet Ducts K W LOTTER, P -A MACKRODT, R D SCHERBAUM

Composites 5

Molding and Joining of Continuous Fiber- Reinforced Polytheretherketone (PEEK) G KEMPE, H KRAUSS
Stability of Simply Supported Sandwich Panels Having Anisotropic Faces Under Uni-Axial Compressive Load R J FRITZ, C DIAMANTAKOS, M A STORE
NDE of Composites Using Lamb Waves: Theory and Experiment V DAYAL, V K KINRA
The Measurement and Comparison of Material and Structural Damping in Metal-Matrix Composites V K KINRA, G G WREN, A K RAY

Reserve Papers

Icing Degree Moderate to Severe: If and Where in Clouds H-E HOFFMAN
Rarefield-Flow Pitching Moment Coefficient Measurements of the Shuttle Orhiter R C BLANCHARD, E W HINSON
Integrated Structural-Aerodynamic Design Optimization R T HAPTKA, P J KAO, B GROSSMAN, D POLEN J SOBIESZCZANSKI-SOBIESKI
Transonic Shock Boundary Layer Interaction with Passive Control S RAGHUNATHAN, S T MCILWAIN
Wind Tunnel Blockage Corrections for Bluff Bodies with Lift G N V RAO, J DHEENADHAYALAN
Flow Field Visualization Study on a 65° Delta Wing K A BÜTEFISCH
Non Linear Aerodynamics of Delta Wings in Combined Pitch and Roll J ER-EL, D SETER, D WEIHS
Boundary Conditions for Viscous Incompressible Two-Dimensional Flows A DAGAN, R ARIELI
Flow Separation on Yawed Cylinders: Pressures and Wake Surways S DE PONTE, A ABBA P BORSA
Body Wing Tail Interference Studies of High Angles of Attach and Variable Reynolds Numbers V KANAGARAJAN, D NIKOLITSCH
Effect of Aerodynamic Heating on Deformation of Composite Cylindrical Panels in a Gas Flow V BIRMAN, C W BERT, I ELISHAKOFF
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