ICAS 1986 London

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The Aerodynamic Potential of Anti-Sound J.E. FFOWCS WILLIAMS


The 767 Program: A "First" in International Cooperation F. CERETI

General lectures

Aeroelasticity Today and Tomorrow G. COUPRY
Future Trends in Propulsion S.C. MILLER, H.W. BENNETT
Atmospheric Disturbances Affecting Safety of Flight A. R. MULALLY , C. R. HIGGINS

History Lecture

The Race for Speed from the Beginning of Aviation to the Present Day P. LISSARAGUE, P. LECOMTE

Airfoil Design

Thick Supercritical Airfoils with Low Drag and NLF Capability B. EGGLESTON, D.J. JONES R.J.D. POOLE, M. KHALID
Design of a Supercritical Airfoil Z.Y. ZHANG, X.T. YANG B. LASCHKA
Investigations on High Reynolds Number Laminar Flow Airfoils G. REDEKER, K. H. HORSTMANN, H. KOSTER, A. QUAST

Transport Aircraft

Optimization of Jetstream in the Commuter Environment J. LARROUCAU
Influence of EFCS-Control Laws on Structural Design of Modern Transport Aircraft M. BESCH, C.L. TANCK
747 Modernization R.A. DAVIS


Applications of Computer-Aided Engineering to Subsonic Aircraft Design in a University Environment C. BIL
DISAP - A Dialogue Orientated Process Planning System W. EVERSHEIM, J. AUGE, J. SCHULZ
Automated Structural Optimization at Warton R. I. KERR, D. THOMPSON

Testing of Composite Structures

Acoustic Emission and N.D.E. - Partners in Damage Detection During Strengtn Testing of Airframe Structures G. JACKSON, G.S. WHALLEY
Fibre Optic Damage Detection in Composite Structures B. ·HOFER
Fire Safety Investigations for Material Selection and Design of a Carbon Fibre Reinforced Fuselage Structure E. MIKUS


Wind Influence on the Range of Jet or Propeller Aircraft J.F. ELASKAR
Reducing Fuel Consumption by Cyclic Control G. SACHS, T. CHRISTODOULOU
Near-Optimal Feedback Control for Three-Dimensional Interceptions J. SHINAR, K.H. WELL, B. JÄRMARK

Shock / Boundary Layer Interaction

The Effects of Sweep and Bluntness on Glancing Interactions at Supersonic Speeds J.L. STOLLERY, N.R. FOMISON, S. HUSSAIN
Observations on the Turbulence Structure in an Unsteady Normal Shock/Boundary Layer Interaction L.C. SQUIRE, J.A. EDWARDS
Mean and Fluctuating Pressure Measurements in a Passive Controlled Shock/Boundary Layer Interaction S. RAGHUNATHAN

Unconvential Design

A Review of Unconventional Aircraft Design Concepts R.H. LANGE
The British Aerospace Experimental Aircraft Programme and the Role of System Development Cockpits P. V. WHITESIDE
The Impact of Emerging Technologies on an Advanced Supersonic Transport C. DRIVER, D.J. MAGLIERI
Lighter-Than-Air Aircraft as Control Configured Vehicle M. ONDA


Airbus-Assembly Concepts to Improve Productivity and Flexibility in Aircraft Construction J. MASKOW
Fault Tolerant Systems I.W. NEWTON, T.G. HAMILL, R.A. GEORGE
Case Studies in Aircraft Manufacturing Automation G. L. MICHAELSON

Buckling and Postbuckling of Composites

The Design and Construction of a Post Buckled Carbon Fibre Wing Box Structure W.G. BROOKS
Compressive Buckling Strength of Graphite- Epoxy Laminated Curved Panels S. KOBAYASHI, K. SUMIHARA, K. KOY A MA
Analytical and Experimental Investigation on Advanced Composite Wing Box Structures in Bending Including Effects of Initial Imperfections and Crushing Pressure E. ANTONA, G. ROMEO

Active Control Technology

Active Flutter Suppression A. BRADSHAW, T. RAHULAN, M.A. WOODHEAD
Active Control Technology for Civil Transport H.P.Y. HITCH
Designing a Load Alleviation System for a Modern Civil Aircraft B.W. PAYNE

Computational Aerodynamics 1

High Order Solutions of the Euler Equations by Characteristic Flux Averaging A. EBERLE
Numerical Simulation of 3-D Inviscid Flow Fields around Complete Aircraft Configurations S. LEICHER, W. FRITZ
Efficient Solution of Three-Dimensional Euler Equations Using Embedded Grids R. RADESPIEL
Transonic Computations about Complex Configurations Using Coupled Inner and Outer Flow Equations U.G. NÄVERT, Y.C.-J. SEDIN
Application of the Tranair Full-Potential Code to Complete Configurations L.L. ERICKSON, M.D. MADSON, A.C. WOO
Optimum-Opti·morum Integrated Wing-Fuselage Configuration for Supersonic Transport Aircraft of Second Generation A. NASTASE

High Angles of Attack 1 Multi-Element Airfoils

Calculation of Flow over Multielement Airfoils at High Lift T. CEBECI, K.C. CHANG, R.W. CLARK, N.D. HALSEY
The High Lift Development of the A320 Aircraft J. R. WEDDERSPOON
Potential Flow Models of Airfoils with Separated Flow G. V. PARKINSON, W. YEUNG
An Experimental Study of Turbulent Wake/Boundary Layer Mixing Flows L.J. JOHNSTON, H.P. HORTON


Global Integrated Communication, Navigation and Identification Based on Satellites G. PLÖGER, H. BERNER, G. HOFGEN
Low Cost Inertial Reference System Based on Fiber Gyros with GPS-Aiding D. RAHLFS
Test and Flight Evaluation of Precision Distance Measuring Equipment K. BECKER, A. MOLLER, K.H. HURRASS
Flight Management Concepts Compatible with Air Traffic Control S.A. MORELLO

Design with Composite Materials 1

Simplified Design of Composite Materials S.W. TSAI, J.M. PATTERSON
Materials in Aerospace - Can the Emerging Thermoplastics Meet the Challenge ? C. K. HALL
Properties and Potential of Multi-Directional- Fiber Composite Materials B. WALTER ROSEN
Advanced Polymer Composites for High Temperature Applications D. WILSON

Stability and Control / Handling Qualities 1

Precise Solution for Rational Transfer Parameters of Flight Vehicles Y. ZENG
Design Criteria for Flight Control Systems G. SCHÄNZER
Flight Simulation Techniques with Emphasis on the Generation of High Fidelity 6 DOF Motion Cues M. BAARSPUL
Handling Qualities for Unstable Combat Aircraft J.C. GIBSON
Validation of Nonstationary Aerodynamics Models for Longitudinal Aeroplane Motion on the Basis of Flight Measurements V. KOCKA

Computational Aerodynamics 2

Disordered Vortex Flow Computed around a Cranked Delta Wing at Subsonic Speed and High Incidence A. RIZZI, C.J. PURCELL
The Development of Practical Euler Methods for Aerodynamic Design R.H. DOE, T.W. BROWN, A. PAGANO
Algebraic Grid Generation about Wing-Fuselage Bodies R. E. SMITH
A Comparison of an Explicit and an Implicit Time Marching Method for Calculating Inviscid Internal Flows I. TEIPEL, A.R. WIEDERMANN
Application of a Full Potential Method to Practical Problems in Supersonic Aircraft Design and Analysis K. B. WALKLEY, G. E. SMITH

High Angle of Attack 2 / Vicious Flow

Boundary Layer Calculation and Viscous- Inviscid Coupling A.G. T. CROSS
Wake /Boundary Layer Interactions in Two and Three Dimensions L.C. SQUIRE, D. AGOROPOULOS, A.H.Kh. MOGHADAM
On the Duration of Low Speed Dynamic Stall R.A.McD. GALBRAITH, A.J. NIVEN, L.Y. SETO


A Simulation Facility for Assessing the Next Generation of 4-D Air Traffic Control Procedures A. BENOIT, S. SWIERSTRA
Managing Airworthiness P. J. CRAWFORD
Certification of Advanced Experimental Aircraft W. BRADSHAW

Design with Composite Materials

Plastic or Metal - The Judgement Factors F.E. RHODES
Pressure Slip Casting of Ultrafine Powders - A Promising Processing for Ceramic-Ceramic Composites J.F. JAMET, M.H. RITTI
A Structural Modelling of Aeroelastic Composite Plates M.C. DÖKMECI

Stability and Control / Handling Qualities 2

Experimental Study of Effects of Forebody Geometry on High Angle of Attack Static and Dynamic Stability and Control J.M. BRANDON, D.G. MURRI, L. T. NGUYEN
Aircraft Control with the Realization of Separate Motion Forms G. I. ZAGAYNOV, A. Z. TARASOV
Various Approaches in Solving Stability Problems for Symmetric Angle-Ply Laminates under Combined Loading M.J. JOSIFOVIC and V.Lj. RADOSAVLJEVIC
Flight Path Reconstruction - A Powerful Tool for Data Compatibility Check K.-O. PROSKAWETZ, R. BROCKHAUS

Computational Aerodynamics 3

Leading Edge Vortex Flow over a 75 Degree-Swept Delta Wing - Experimental and Computational Results R. CARCAILLET, F. MANIE, D. PAGAN, J. L. SOLIGNAC
Free-Vortex Flow Simulation Using a Three- Dimensional Euler Aerodynamic Method P. RAJ, J.S. SIKORA, J.M. KEEN
Evaluation of Pressure Distributions on an Aircraft by Two Different Panel Methods and Comparison with Experimental Measurements A. BASTON, M. LUCCHESINI, L. MANFRIANI, L. POLITO, G. LOMBARDI
Finite-Volume and Integral-Equation Techniques for Transonic and Supersonic Vortex-Dominated Flows O.A. KANDIL, A. CHUANG, L. C. CHU

High Angles of Attack3 Vortex Flow

Effects of Spanwise Blowing on Pressure Distribution and Leading-Edge Vortex Stability J. ER-EL, A. SEGINER
Forebody Vortex Management for Yaw Control at High Angles of Attack D.M. RAO, C. MOSKOVITZ, D.G. MURRI
Prediction of the Aerodynamic Characteristics of Flight Vehicles in Large Unsteady Maneuvers M.R. MENDENHALL, S.C. PERKINS, D.J. LESIEUTRE
Analysis of Strake-Slender-Wing Configurations Using Slender-Wing Theory J. KRISPIN, H. PORTNOY
Analysis of the Vertical Flow around a 60 Degree Delta Wing with Vortex Flap B. SUNG, J.F. MARCHMAN


Avionics Fault Data Acquisition - A Concept for Civil Transport Aircraft T. STIER
Maintainability Optimization - The Future Challenge J. ROSE

Crash Testing

Structural Dynamics Research in a Full-Scale Transport Aircraft Crash Test H .G. McCOMB, R. G. THOMSON, R.J. HAYDUK
A Study of the Str,uctural Integrity of the Canadair Challenger at Ditching P.T. TO
Failure Analysis of Aircraft Windshields Subjected to Bird Impact A. SAMUELSON, L. SÖRNÄS

Model Testing

The Estimation of the Stability and Control Characteristics of a Canard Configured Combat Aircraft Having a Forward Swept Wing M.V. COOK, F. HEYDARI
Estimation of Aerodynamic Parameters from Flight Data of a High Incidence Research Model V. KLEIN, M.H. MAYO
Analysis of Externally-Piloted Vehicle Aircraft Model Flight Tests Using Aerodynamic Parameter Estimation Techniques E.R. WHITE

Wind Tunnel Methods 1 Wall Interference Effects

Advances at AEDC in Treating Transonic Wind Tunnel Wall Interference E.M. KRAFT, A. RITTER, M.L. LASTER
Numerical Design Parameter Study for Slotted Walls in Transonic Wind Tunnels N. AGRELL, B. PETTERSSON, Y. C.-J. SEDIN
Analysis of Wind Tunnel Corrections for Half-Model Tests of a Transport Aircraft Using a Doublet Panel Method M. MOKRY, J.R. DIGNEY, R.J.D. POOLE
Aeroacoustics at the German-Dutch Wind Tunnel H.H. HELLER, W.R. SPLETTSTOESSER, W.M. DOBRZYNSKI, K.-J. SCHULTZ

Fatigue and Damage Tolerance of Composites

Damage Tolerance of Composites J.E. McCARTY
Fatigue Crack Growth Predictions in Aramid Reinforced Aluminium Laminates (ARALL) R. MARISSEN
Spectrum Fatigue Model for Composite Laminates G.E. MABSON, N. PAPATHANASSIS, G.E. WHARRAM, R.C. TENNYSON
ExperimentaI and Numerical Analysis on Cracks Propagation in Aerospace Materials M. MARCHETTJ, F. MORGANTI, G. ANDRETTA, A. LA BARBERA

Airbreathing Engine Technology 1

Qualification of the Flow in Air Intakes and Evaluation of the Loss of Surge Margin Due to Distortions in the Compressor Inlet J. R. BION
Proposed Control of Compressor StalI by Pressure Perturbation and Blade Design B. S. THORNTON, L. C. BOTTEN, J.P. GOSTELOW
High Performance, Turbofan Afterburner Systems A. SOTHERAN
The Relationship between Turbofan Design and Geometry Parameters, Nacelle Configuration and its Drag S.P. ANDREEV, L.N. DRUZININ, M.M. TSHOVREBOV

Manufacturing and repair of Composites

Manufacturing Processes and Moulding of Fiber-Reinforced Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) G. KEMPE, H. KRAUSS
On the Fast Repair of Aircraft Panel Components S. DEHM, D. WURZEL
Automated Systems for the Manufacture of Airbus Vertical Stabilizer Spar Box in Composite Materials R. OBERFRANZ
Manufacturing Technology of Composite Torque Box of Vertical Fin Q. S. ZHAO et al


Safety Analysis of Automatic Landing through the Low Level Turbulent Wind S.X. ZHU, B. ETKIN
Take-Off and Landing in a Downburst K. -U. HAHN
Optimal Control Laws for Microburst Encounter R.F. STENGEL
Optimization and Gamma/Theta Guidance of Flight Trajectories in a Windshear A. MIELE, T. WANG, W.W. MELVIN

Wind Tunnel Methods 2 Flow Field Diagnostics

Colour Helium Bubble Flow Visualization Technique D. ZHAO, Z. WANG, X. ZHANG, J. QIN, X. LANG
Measurements in Separating Boundary Layers M. DIANAT, I.P. CASTRO
Flow Field Study on a Supercritical Airfoil Using a Pressure Probe and a Two-Component Laser-Doppler-Anemometer K.A. BOTEFISCH, E. STANEWSKY
The F2 Wind Tunnel of the Fauga-Mauzac Test Center J.M. CHRISTOPHE

Metallic Materials

Advances in Aluminium Alloys C.J. PEEL
A Review of the Development, Microstructure and Properties of New Al-Li Alloys E.A. STARKE, Jr
Single Crystal Superalloys for Turbine Blades in Advanced Aircraft Engines T. KHAN, P. CARON
Unified Constitutive Materials Model Development and Evaluation for High-Temperature Structural Analysis Applications R.L. THOMPSON, M.T. TONG

Airbreathing Engine Technology 2

Computation of Unsteady Flows in Turbomachine Cascades A. FOURMAUX
Advances in Turbine Technology H. TUBBS, M.J. HOLLAND
The Role of Flow Field Computation in Improving Turbomachinery J. DUNHAM

Aerolasticity and Structural Dynamics 1

Aeroelastic Tailoring for Flutter Constraints J. SCHWEIGER, O. SENSBURG, C. PONZI
Active Damping of Airliner Pylon-Mounted Engine Elastic Vibrations A.F. MINAEV
On the Optimization of Flutter Characteristics of Laminated Anisotropic Cylindrical Shells G.V. VASILIEV


Experimental Investigation of Electrostatic Fire and Explosion Accidents after Aircraft Landing and Preventive Design H.S. LOU
The Airline Engineering Role in the Management of Safety D.K. CRAIG
Performance Evaluation of a Linear Recursive Technique for Aircraft Altitude Prediction in Airborn Collision Avoidance Systems A. BADACH, P. FORM

Boundary Layer Studies

Disturbance Functions of the Gortler Instabil.ity on an Airfoil J.R. DAGENHART, S.M. MANGALAM
Numerical Requirements in the Calculation of Flow over Bodies of Revolution at Incidence T. CEBECI, A.A. KHATTAB, S.M. SCHIMKE
Drag Reduction Mechanisms Derived from Shark Skin D.W. BECHERT, M. BARTENWERFER, G. HOPPE, W.-E. REIF

Engine Control

The M53 Turbofan Control System: A Strong Basis for the Development of Future Digital Control Systems P. GALMICHE
Digital Engine Control Units for a Fighter Engine and an Auxiliary Power Unit A Comparison G. DAHL
Case Studies of the Effects on Non-Linearities on the Accuracy of Gas Turbine Control D.M. TURNER

Potential for Future Propfan Aircraft

A Propfan Status Report J. MORRIS
Propfan and Turbofan - Antagonism or Synthesis H. GRIEB, D. ECKARDT
Potential Application of Advanced Propulsion Systems to Civil Aircraft A. BLYTHE

Aerolasticity and Structural Dynamics 2

Integrated Structure/Control Design - Present Methodology and Future Opportunities T.A. WEISSHAAR, J.R. NEWSOM, T.A. ZEILER, M.G. GILBERT
A General Formulation for the Aeroelastic Divergence of Composite Sweptforward Wing Structures L. LIBRESCU, J. SIMOVICH
Research on Active Suppression Technology for Wing/Aileron Flutter D.M. ZHU, Z.Q. GU, M.H. CAN, Z.F. CHEN, W.P. WANG
Aeroelastic Tailoring of Aft-Swept High Aspect Ratio Composite Wings J.A. GREEN
Intersection of an Oblique Shock Wave with a Cylindrical Afterbody G.C. SHEN, D.R. PHILPOTT


Method for Determinating the ISO-Noise Levels by Simulated Aircraft Flight Operations A. SOBOR
Control of Interior Noise in Advanced Turbopropeller Aircraft A. CARBONE, A. PAONESSA, L. LECCE, F. MARULO
Active Noise Control C. F. ROSS

Wind Tunnel Methods 3 Flight Measurements

The Prediction of Lift Inferred from Downstream Vorticity Measurements W. SEND
Effect of the Reynolds Number on a Transonic Flow around Profiles and Sections of a Swept Wing G.A. PAVLOVETS, V .M. GADETSKY
Method of Analysing Data on a Swept Wing Aircraft in Flight A. BERTELRUD, J. OLSSON
An Experimental Study of a Three Lifting Surface Configuration C. OSTOWARI, D. NAIK

Unsteady Aerodynamics

Applications of PotentiaI Theory Computations to Transonic Aeroelasticity J.W. EDWARDS
Steady and Unsteady Investigations of Spoiler and Flap Aerodynamics in Two Dimensional Subsonic Flows M. COSTES, A. GRAVELLE, J.J. PHILIPPE, S. VOGEL, H. TRIEBSTEIN
NASA's Aircraft Icing Analysis Program R.J. SHAW
Oscillating Wings and Bodies with Flexure in Supersonic Flow - Applications of Harmonic Potential Panel Method D.D. LIU, P. GARCIA-FOGEDA, P.C. CHEN

Propulsion / Airframe Integration

On the Computation of Wing Lift Interference Caused by High Bypass Engines C. HABERLAND, G. SAUER
Propulsion/Aerodynamic Integration in a STOVL Combat Aircraft G.M. APPLEYARD, J. COWPER
Utilization of Computation and Experiment for Airframe Propulsion Integration Development D.L. BOWERS, C.H. BERDAHL
Integrated Airframe/Propulsion Control System Architectures (IAPSA) Study C.M. CARLIN, A.D. STERN
Theoretical Considerations of the Specific Impulse of Ramjet Engines A. GANV
A Comparison of Pod and Tail Mounted Ramjets D.R.M. ARENS, H.V. HATTINGH
Regression Rate Study for a Solid Fuel Ramjet G. SCHULTE, R. PEIN

Fatigue and Dynamics of Structures 1

The Control and Use of Residual Stresses in Aircraft Structural Parts B. JAENSSON, S.-E. LARSSON
A Comparison of Impulse and Random Tests from Modal Analysis of an Aeronautical Structure L. BALIS CREMA, A. CASTELLANI
Fatigue Fracture in Landing Gear Steels R.J.H. WANHILL
Fatigue Life Predictions under Complex Loading F.M. WU, B.F. ZHANG

Landing Gear

New Design Procedures Applied to Landing Gear Development J. VEAUX
Shimmy Problems of Landing Gears Caused by Elastic Deformation of Tires E. SPERLING
Measurements of Landing Gear Loads of a Commuter Airliner A. I. GUSTAVSSON
Topics in Landing Gear Dynamics Research at NASA Langley H.G. McCOMB, J.A. TANNER

Applied Aerodynamics

Take-Off Drag Prediction for the Airbus A-300-600 and the A310 Compared with Flight Test Results B. HAFTMANN, F.-J. DEBBELER, H. GIELEN
Wing Laminar Boundary Layer in the Presence of a Propeller Slipstream S.J. MILEY, R.M. HOWARD, B.J. HOLMES
Variable Wing Camber for Transport Aircraft u. GRAEBER


Experimental and Theoretical Tests for Prediction of Aerodynamic Moments of HERMES in Hypersonic Flight P. VANCAMBERG
Rarefied Flow Lift-to-Drag Measurements of the Shuttle Orbiter R.C. BLANCHARD
Configuration and Trajectory of Hypersonic Transport with Aerothermodynamic Control Y. AIHARA, S. NOMURA, H. MINAKUCHI, A. MURAKAMI, N. SUDAN I

Turboprop Desogn Considerations

The Performance of Advanced Prop-Fan Transmission J. DOMINY
Prediction of Single-Rotation Prop-Fan Noise by a Frequency Domain Scheme H. GOUNET , S. LEWY
Calculations of High Speed Propeller Performances Using Finite Difference Methods M. KOBAYAKAWA, H. ONUMA, Y. SHIOTA

Fatigue and Dynamics of Structures 2

Some Aspects of the Reliability Analysis of Aircraft Structures D. ZHU, F. LIN
Load Examination of Vehicle-Body of Reinforced Cylindrical Shell in Case of Kinematic Load Z. SZABO, P. MICHELBERGER
Details of Analysis of Airplane Structure Acoustic Loading in Flight Testing E.V. ARNAUTOV

Subsystem Technology

High Performance Adaptive Controller and Parameter Optimization for Flight Control Systems J, CHEN, Y. OU, Z. LU, J. LIAN, S. SU
The Development of a Fibre Optic Data Bus for Helicopters M.J. KENNETT
Recent In-Flight Data and Electromagnetic Response of an Aircraft Structure Struck by Lightning J.L. BOULAY
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