ICAS 1984 Toulouse

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Improving the Efficiency of Smaller Transport Aircraft R. T. JONES




Engineering Aspects of International Cooperation in Aeronautics R.H. BETEILLE

General lectures

Flight Control System on Modern Civil Aircraft B. ZIEGLER, M. DURANDEAU
Transport Design Opportunities for the 1990s M.A. BOOTH, P.C. BANDOW
Advanced Materials in Perspective R.L. CIRCLE, J.R. CARROLL

History Lecture

The Race for Speed and the Development of Configurations from the Origin of Aviation up Today P. LISSARRAGUE, P. LECOMTE

Computational Aerrodynamics

Investigation of the Triplet Concept Using a Higher-Order Supersonic Panel Method F.A. WOODWARD, L. FORNASIER
Advanced Numerical Methods for Analysis and Design in Aircraft Aerodynamics B. WAGNER, W. SCHMIDT
The Computation of Two Dimensional Vortex Sheet Roll-Up J. STEINHOFF

Wind Tunnel Techniques

Design and Operation of TU-Berlin Wind Tunnel with Adaptable Walls U. GANZER, Y. IGETA, J. ZIEMANN
Deformable Adaptive Wall Test Section for Three-Dimensional Wind Tunnel Testing A. HEDDERGOTT, E. WEDEMEYER
Wind Tunnel Wall Influence Considering 20 High Lift Configurations Th.E. LABRUJERE, R.A. MAARSINGH, J. SMITH
Investigation of the Particle Transport in Compressible Vortices Produced by Shock Diffraction W. JÄGER

Composite Materials

Processing and Mechanical Properties of Fiber-Reinforced Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) G. KEMPE, H. KRAUSS
Mechanical Characteristics of Resin/Carbon Composites Incorporating Very High Performance Fibres G. HELLARD, J. HOGNAT, J. CUNY
PSP Resins and their Applications as Heat and Fire Resistant Matrices B. BLOCH, J.G. MAQUART

Theoretical Methods in Flight Mechanics

Evaluation of Singularly Perturbed Pursuit-Evasion Games B.S.A. JÄRMARK, C. HILLBERG, J. SHINAR
Time-Delay Compensation in Active Control Algorithms A. BRADSHAW, M.A. WOODHEAD
High Speed Computation of Optimum Controls H. MATSUOKA

Studies of Future Airplanes

Effect of Engine Technology on Advanced Fighter Design and Cost 0. HERRMANN, W. BIEHL
AIBF Aerodynamic Technology Y. T. CHIN
Closing the Design Loop on HIMAT T.W. PUTNAM, M.R. ROBINSON

Computational Aerodynamics 2

Three-Dimensional Computational Methods Applied to Aerodynamic Analysis of Transonic Flows Past a Wing-Body Configuration B. CHAUMET, D. DESTARAC, T.H. LE
Analysis of Transonic and Supersonic Flows around Wing-Body Combinations S. LEICHER
A Fast Viscous Correction Method for Full-Potential Transonic Wing Analysis S.C. LEE, S.D. THOMAS, T.L. HOLST

Flight Test Validation

Validation of Design Methods and Data by Flight Test M. BESCH, H. MESTERKNECHT
Parameters Estimation of a Nonstationary Aerodynamics Model for Longitudinal Motion of Aeroplane from Flight Measurements V. KOCKA
Experimental Validation by Flight Measurement of the Pressure Distribution Computed on Pilatus PC-7 Wing Using a Three Dimensional Aerodynamic Panel Program S. DLILIO, A. TURI

Composite Materials 2

Lightning and Composite Materials J. BETEILLE, R. WEBER
Mechanical Behavior of Transverse-Cracked Graphite/Epoxy Laminates O. ISHAI, A. GARG, H.G. NELSON
The Bolted Joint Strength and Failure Modes in Fibre Composites R. BARBONT, I. PERONI, O. CARBINI
Relations between Microstructure, Microtexture and Mechanical Properties of Pan-Base Carbon Fibres M. GUIGON, A. OBERLIN,G. DESARMOT

Theoretical Methods in Flight Mechanics 2

Bifurcation Analysis of Critical Aircraft Flight Regimes G.I. ZAGAYNOV, M.G. GOMAN
Effects of Model Reduction on Stability Boundary and Limit-Cycle Characteristics J.M. LIN, K.W. HAN
Active Controls: A Look at Analytical Methods and Associated Tools J.R. NEWSOM, W.M. ADAMS,Jr. V. MUKHOPADHYAY, S.H. TIFFANY, I. ABEL

Design Integration

Variable Wing Camber Control for Civil Transport Aircraft R. HILBIG, H. WAGNER
Development and Flight Testing of a New Amphibian Technology Demonstrator G.K.L. KRIECHBAUM, J. SPINTZYK
The Scout System A Real Time Intelligence and Surveillance System D. HARARI

The Euler Code

Computational Simulation of Free Vortex Flows Using an Euler Code P. RAJ
Computation of Supersonic Flow about Complex Configurations B. G. ARLINGER
Numerical Solutions of the Euler Equations Governing Axisymmetric and Three-Dimensional Transonic Flow D.M. CAUSON, P.J. FORD

Flow Separation

LDV Velocity Measurements in Thin Laminar Boundary Layers, Separated and Unseparated, and Comparison with Numerical Computations G. DEGREZ, C.H. BOCCADORO, J.F. WENDT
Transonic Shock-Boundary Layer Interaction Control P. KROGMANN, E. STANEWSKY, P. THIEDE
The Prediction of Separated Flow Using a Viscous-Inviscid Interaction Method B.R. WILLIAMS

Structural Dynamics

A Contribution to a Complete Mathematical Model for the Motion of an Elastic Aircraft P. SANTINI
The Structural Modelling of Rotating Blades A. ROSEN, O. RAND
Identification of Structural Damped Vibrational Systems M.S. GALKIN
Solution of the Nonlinear Dynamic Problem of Structural Behaviour of a Coupled Model of an Airplane Wing with an Aileron M.J. JOSIFOVIC, Z.V. BOJANIC, J.M. JANKOVIC


Current Airworthiness Requirements - A Need to Reexamine R. SAHA
Comparison of Discrete and Continuous Gust Methods for the Determination of Airplane Design Loads R. NOBACK
Automatic Control Techniques Applied to Flight in Turbulence J.L. COCQUEREZ, P. DARSES, R. VERBRUGGE

Advanced Subsystem Development

757/767 Brake and Antiskid System G.H. DeVlieg
High Speed Braking of an Aircraft Tire on Grooved Wet Surfaces S.K. AGRAWAL
Modern Technology Secondary Power Systems for Next Generation Military Aircraft J.A. RHODEN

Computations and Experimental Comparisons

Computational Design and Analysis Tools for Wing-Fuselage Combinations H. SOBIECZKY, K.-Y. FUNG
Validation of a Transonic Analysis Code for Use in Preliminary Design of Advanced Transport Configurations E.G. WAGGONER
A Multigrid Method for Computing the Transonic Flow over Two Closely-Coupled Airfoil Components G. VOLPE

Drag Reduction and Measuring Techniques

Comparative Investigations on Friction Drag Measuring Techniques in Experimental Aerodynamics W. NITSCHE, C. HABERLAND, R. THON
The Determination of Turbulent Skin Friction Behind Flat Plate Turbulence Manipulators Using Servo-Controlled Balances V.D. NGUYEN, J. DICKINSON, J. LEMAY, D. PROVENCAL, Y. JEAN, Y. CHALIFOUR
New Drag Reduction Methods for Transport Aircraft G. LUBERT

Composite Structures 1

Certification Problems for Composite Airplane Structures D. CHAUMETTE
Structural Certification of Airbus Fin Box in Composite Fibre Construction D. SCHULZ
Comparison of the Measured and Computed Load- Deflection-Behaviour of Shear-Loaded Fibre- Reinforced Plates in the Postbuckling Range H. TUNKER

Stability and Control

Prevention of Forward Swept Wing Aeroelastic Instabilities with Active Controls T.E. NOLL, F.E. EASTEP, R.A. CALICO
Landing Approach Handling Qualities of Transport Aircraft with Relaxed Static Stability K. WILHELM, D. SCHAFRANEK
The AMX Fly-by-Wire System R.B. SMITH, B. TAMAGNONE
Design Procedure of an Active Load Alleviation System (LAS) for a Modern Transport Airplane H.G. GIEBELER, G. BEUCK

Airbreathing Engine Technology 1

Efficiency of a Top-Mounted Inlet System at Transonic/Supersonic Speeds K. WIDING
F404 New Standards for Fighter Aircraft Engines B.A. RIEMER, S.F. POWEL IV
Immediate Effects of Hostile Atmospheric Environment on Aircraft Propulsion Systems S.N.B. MURTHY

Unsteady Aerodynamics

Steady and Unsteady Pressure Distributions on a NACA 0012 Profile in Separated Transonic Flow H. TRIEBSTEIN
A Kinematic Approach to Unsteady Viscous Flows U. NEHRING
Calculation of Unsteady Transonic Pressure Distributions on Wings of Medium Aspect Ratio by Inverse Methods K. DAU

Civil Transport Aircraft

Design, Development and Management of the Saab-Fairchild 340 Program J.J. FOODY, T.R. GULLSTRAND
Testing the New Boeing Twinjets B.S. WYGLE
Advanced Commuter Aircraft: How to Leapfrog the Competition J. ROSKAM

Composite Structures 2

Imperfection Sensitivity of Laminated Cylindrical Shells in Torsion and Axial Compression G.J. SIMITSES, D. SHAW, I. SHE INMAN
A Comparison Between Dynamic Finite Element Models and Experimental Data for Aeronautical Structures L. BALIS CREMA, A. CASTELLANI, I. PERONI
Evaluation of the Reliability of a Finite Element Analysis of a Turbine Disc R. I. WATKINS

Electrical and Digital Control Systems

Flying the Mirage 2000 by Wire J. COUREAU
Design of Digital Flight-Mode Control Systems for Helicopters with Non-Linear Actuators B. PORTER
Review of Aircraft-Engine Links as a Consequence of Engine Digital Control D. RAMBACH

Airbreathing Engine Technology 2

Compressor Response to Periodic Transients J. PAULON
Laser Velocimetry Applied to Energetics Studies J. LABBE
Computation of Prop-Fan Engine Installation Aerodynamics C.W. BOPPE, B.S. ROSEN

Unsteady Aerodynamics Including Flutter

The Solution of Aeroelastic Problems within the Frame of Tridimensional Unsteady Aerodynamic Pane A. FREDIANI, L. POLITO, A. SALVETTI
Relaxation and Approximate Factorization Methods for the Unsteady Full Potential Equation V. SHANKAR, H. IDE, J. GORSKI
Lifting Surface Approach of Oscillating Wings in Weak Shear Flow M. KOBAYAKAWA
Mathematical Model of Linear Unsteady Aerodynamics of Whole Aircraft Z. SKODA, V. PREJZEK

Configurational Aerodynamics

Design Study of Short Range Transport Wing K. TANAKA
Subsonic Investigations on Configurations with Forward and Aft-Swept Wings of High Aspect Ratio R.K. NANGIA
Wind Tunnel Test of a Twin, Rear Propeller Transport Aircraft Configuration at Low Speeds S.-0. RIDDER

Structural Testing

A310 Structural Testing for Certification Philosophy and Application to Meet Current Durability and Damage Tolerance Requirements H.-J. SCHMIDT, C.L. HAMMOND
Nondestructive Test Method for Determing the Critical Pressure on the inside Panels of a Fuselage Fuel Tank H.X. CHEN, W.Q. LI, H.C. RONG, M. SONG, S.R. FAN
Energy Absorption of Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials G.L. FARLEY

Computer Aided Testing

Computer Aided Flight Testing of a Digital Autopilot on Board a Research Aircraft A. REDEKER
The Stalins Method for Measuring Trajectories for Take-Off and Landing Performance Measurements C.G. KRANENBURG, A. POOL, A.J.L. WILLEKENS
A New Method of Modal Analysis: Multiple Input by Uncorrelated Signals C. HUTIN, G. CATTEAU

Props and Fans

Propellers in Compressible Flow V .L. WELLS
Single Rotation and Counter Rotation Prop-Fan Propulsion System Technologies B.S. GATZEN, C.N. REYNOLDS
Dynamic Control Aspects of Development of Three Shaft Turboprop Engine B. RIHA

Flutter Predictions

A Practical Method for Predicting Transonic Wing Flutter Phenomena K. YONEMOTO
Indicial Aerodynamic Coefficients for Trapezoidal Wings V.J.E. STARK
Flutter Calculation on a Supercritical Wing in the Transonic Range Comparison Theory-Experiment A. GRAVELLE, H. HONLINGER, S. VOGEL

Delta Wing Aerodynamics Including Canard Configurations

Aerodynamic Characteristics of Wing Body Combinations at High Angles of Attack D.HUMMEL, H. JOHN, W. STAUDACHER
The Experimental Investigation of the Spatial Vortex Patterns of Some Slender Bodies at High Angle of Attack in Low Speed Tunnel G. WU, Z. WANG, S. TIAN
An Evaluation of the Relative Merits of Wing-Canard, Wing-Tail, and Tailless Arrangements for Advanced Fighter Applications W.U. NICHOLAS, G.L. NAVILLE, J.E. HOFFSCHWELLE, J.K. HUFFMAN, P.F. COVELL
Wing Design for Delta-Canard Configuration W. KRAUS

Fracture Mechanics

Short Cracks and Crack Closure in AL 2024-T3 D.K. HOLM, A.F. BLOM
Fatigue Crack Initiation and Microcrack Propagation in Notched and Unnotched Aluminium 2024-T3 Specimens J. FOTH, R. MARISSEN, H. NOWACK, G. LOTJERING
UHSH1: An Efficient Three Dimensional Shape Optimal Design Program Y. LIU, J. HUANG

CAD in Aircraft Development

La CAO/FAD dans l 'Industrie Aeronautique Bresilienne L.H. LAMPI
Computerized Methods for Analysis and Design of Aircraft Structures B. FREDRIKSSON
Aerospace Engineering Design by Systematic Decomposition and Multilevel Optimization J. SOBIESZCZANSKI-SOBIESKI, J.-F. M. BARTHELEMY, G.L. GILES

Noise / Commercial Aircraft

Progress Achieved in Reducing Aircraft Noise A. GAUTIER
Noise in Aircraft J. HACHE
Commercial Aircraft Noise M.J. SMITH

Optimization Problems

Supersonic Wing Design Concepts Employing Nonlinear Flows D.S. MILLER
Airfoil Optimization P. KRANTZ, S.G. HEDMAN, K.P. MISEGADES
Aerodynamic Investigations on an Adaptive Airfoil for a Transonic Transport Aircraft G. REDEKER, G. WICHMANN, H.-Chr. DELKER

Vortex Flow over Swept Wings and Delata Wings

Experimental and Computational Investigation of the Vortex Flow over a Swept Wing F. MANIE, M. NERON, V. SCHMITT
Ground Effect on Slender Wings at Moderate and High Angles of Attack J. ER-EL, D. WEIHS

Composite Structures 3


Rotor and Blade Design


Subsystem Technology 2


Aerodynamic Design 2


Vortex Flows 2


Future transport technology


Structural Dynamics


Manufacturing and Maintenance


Inlet Vortices and Propulsion Simulation


Aerodynamic Design 3


Canard Configurations

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