ICAS 1982 Seatttle

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Space Transportation Systems G.B. MERRICK


How Decisions are Made: Major Considerations for Aircraft Programs J.E. STEINER


Engineering Aspects of International Collaboration on Tornado B.O. HEATH

General lectures

Tomorrow's Transport Aircraft A Part of a System. A System in its Own Right P. LECOMTE

History Lecture

A History of USA/Italy Mutual Exchange in the Field of Aeronautics M.F. CAPRONI-ARMANI


Trends in Fighter Design A German View K. KNAUER
Advanced Aerodynamic Design for Future Combat Aircraft B.R.A. BURNS
Some Aerodynamic/Fl ightmechanic Aspects for the Design of Future Combat Aircraft P. MANGOLD
Increased Requirements for the Missile Aerodynamics Due to the Observer Technique G. GREGORIOU, H.-G. KNOCHE


Gust Load Alleviation on Airbus A 300 O. SENSBURG, J, BECKER, H. LUSEBRINK, F. WEISS
Calculations of Transonic Steady State Aeroelastic Effects for a Canard Airplane N. AGRELL, S.G. HEDMAN
Computer-Aided Derivation of Equations of Motion for Rotary-Wing Aeroelastic Problems F. KIESSLING
Hajif-11, A Program System for the Dynamic Analysis of Aeronautical Structures LIU GUO-GUANG, LI JUN-JIE

Crew Station Design

Human Factor and Flight Safety J.C. WANNER
A Practical Approach to the Incorporation of Technical Advances in Avionics J. D. BANNISTER, D. ROUGHTON
Applying Advanced Technology to Flight Station Design W.R. PADEN, G.A. SEXTON
The Evolution of Display Formats for Advanced Fighters Using Multimode Colour CRT Displays N.M. LEFRITZ, J.H. TUTTLE, M.J. FORTE

Propulsion Systems 1

Application of Advanced Exhaust Nozzles for Tactical Aircraft D.L. BOWERS, J.A. LAUGHREY
Optimized 10 Ton Class Commercial Aircraft Engine R. LAURENS
Recent Advances in the Performance of High Bypass Ratio Fans D.J. NICHOLAS, C. FREEMAN
Axisymmetric Approach and Landing Thrust Reverser Impacts on Usage and LCC J.P. BLACKMAN, P.B. STUMBO, M.F. EIGENMANN

Laminar Flow

Observations and Implications of Natural Laminar Flow on Practical Airplane Surfaces B.J. HOLMES. C.J. OBARA
Aerodynamic Development of Laminar Flow Control on Swept Wings Using Distributed Suction Through Porous Surfaces J.A. THELANDER, J.B. ALLEN, H.R. WELGE
External Aerodynamic Design for a Laminar Flow Control Glove on a Lockheed Jetstar Wing J.A. BENNETT, L.B. BRANDT
NASA Research on Viscous Drag Reduction R.H. PETERSEN, D.V. MADDALON

Computational Aerodynamics 1

Computational Fluid Dynamics Around Complete Aircraft Configurations P. PERRIER
Viscous Transonic Airfoil Flow Simulation J. LONGO, W. SCHMIDT, A. JAMESON
Computation of Supersonic Flow Around Three-Dimensional Wings B.G. ARLINGER
Transonic Small Disturbance Code for Body-Wing Configuration Coupled with Full Potential Code for Wing Alone A. LUNTZ

Developments in Fighter Technologies

Advanced Fighter Technology Integration Program AFTI/F-16 A.J. BIANCO, F.R. SWORTZEL
Tail Versus Canard Configuration - An Aerodynamic Comparison with Regard to the Suitability for Future Tactical Combat Aircraft G. WEDEKIND
Engine Implications for Supersonic Aircraft S.G. KYLE, G.G. UPTON, E. SCHREFFLER, M.B. SUSSMAN

Metal Structures and Power Plant Materials

Material and Process Developments on the Boeing 767 J.T. QUINLIVAN, D.T. LOVELL
The Promise of Laminated Metals in
Aircraft Design
Aluminium Bonding for Durable Structures J.D. ALLDREDGE, C.S. CARTER,

Control Systems

Design of Compensated Flutter Suppression Systems M. LANZ, P. MANTEGAZZA
Design and Experience with a Low-Cost Digital Fly-By-Wire System in the SAAB JA37 VIGGEN A/C K. FOLKESSON. P.-O. ELGCRONA.
Design and Flight Testing of a Digital Optimal Control General Aviation Autopilot J,R, BROUSSARD. D.R. DOWNING.
Preliminary Design of an Advanced Integrated Power and Avionics Information System G.L. DUNN, P. LEONG, D. FOX

Inlets and Nozzles

Efficiency of a Top-Mounted Inlet System at Transonic/Supersonic Speeds K. WIDING
Inlet and Airframe Compatibility for a V/STOL Fighter/Attack Aircraft with Top-Mounted Inlet D.A. DURSTON, D.B. SMELTZER
A Remote Augmentor Lift System with a Turbine Bypass Engine L.H. FISHBACH, L.C. FRANCISCUS

Unsteady Aerodynamics

Investigation of the Unsteady Airloads on a Transport Aircraft Type Airfoil with Two Interchangeable Oscillating Trailing Edge Flaps. at Transonic Speed and High Reynolds Numbers H. TRIEBSTEIN, R. DESTUYNDER, H. HANSEN
Determination de l' Efficacite d ' un Vol et de Bord de Fuite en Ecoulement Tridimensionnel Instationnaire H. CONSIGNY
An Investigation of Scale Model Testing of VTOL Aircraft in Hover W.G. HILL,Jr., R.C. JENKINS,
Optimisation du Vol a Aile Battante P. CONTENSOU

Computational Aerodynamics 2

Recent Developments in Computation of Strongly Interacting Flows L.G. NAPOLITANO, R. MONTI
Computation of Low Speed Fl ow Past Multi-Element Airfoils with Large Flow Separation G.W. ZUMWALT, R. ELANGOVAN
Calculation of Vortex Flows on Complex Configurations B. MASKEW. B.M. RAO

Unique Commuter Aircraft Designs

Design Criteria for Utility/Commuter Aircraft J. SPINTZYK, H. KROJER, H. LIESE
Ultra STOL Derivative Design of a Sea-Based CTOL Aircraft Y. T. CHIN
Advanced Technologies Applied to Reduce the Operating Costs of Small Commuter Transport Aircraft O. MASEFIELD, A. TURI, M. REINICKE

Damage Tolerance And Fatigue

The Damage Tolerance Approach to the Canadair CL-600 Challenger D.R. TURNER, C. MANDERS
High Cycle Fatigue of Metal Structures The Fatigue Threshold Concept A. F. BLOM. J. BÖCKLUND
Design and Experimental Verification of the USB-FLAP Structure for NAL STOL Aircraft M. SANO, Y. FUJIMORI, S. MAEKAWA

Space Shuttle

Effects of System Interactions on Space Shuttle Loads and Dynamics R.E. GATTO
Correlation of Flight and Wind Tunnel Stability and Control Aerodynamics of the Space Shuttle Orbiter J.M. UNDERWOOD
The Shuttle Mission Simulator Visual Imagery T. H. HENDERSON

Analytical Techniques for Propulsion Systems

Computational Methods for Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Inlets in Subsonic and Supersonic Flow J. GRASHOF, W. SCHMIDT
A Summary of V/STOL Inlet Analysis Methods D.P. HWANG, J.M. ABBOTT
Ejector Nozzle Development E.F. SCHUM. J.H. DeHART, P.M. BEVILAQUA

Experimental Methods in Aerodynamics

The Application of Photon Correlation Laser Velocimetry to Turbulent Flow Field Investigations G.D. CATALANO, H.E. WRIGHT
Research for the Visualization of Transitional and Other Turbulent Phenomena in a Boundary Layer S.X. LI, Y. SHEN, Y.D. SHI
A Unique Flight Test Facility: Description and Results R.R. MEYER, Jr

Computational Aerodynamics 3

Finite Difference Computation of Airfoils with Blunt Noses in Transonic Flows D.Q. WANG
Some Theoretical Wal-Interference Calculations in Slotted Transonic Test-Sections, Three- Dimensional Flows Y. C-J. SEDIN, K.R. KARLSSON
Determination of Airplane Aerodynamic Parameters from Flight Data at High Angles of Attack V. KLEIN, J.G. BATTERSON
A Direct Approach for the Panel Method in Compressible Flows A. DAS
Computational and Experimental Studies of Light Twin Aerodynamic Interference W.G. THOMSON, W.H. WENTZ, C. OSTOWARI

Advanced Technologies for General Aviation

The Design Genesis and Development of the Peregrine II R.J. STEWART
Dual Wing, Swept Forward Swept Rearward Wing, and Single Wing Design Optimization for High Performance Business Airplanes M.D. RHODES, B.P. SELBERG
Assessment of Advanced Technologies for High Performance Single-Engine Business Airplanes O.L. KOHLMAN, B.J. HOLMES
The Design Integration of Wingtip Devices for Light General Aviation Aircraft R.V. GIFFORD, C.P. VAN DAM
Summary of Research Concerning Single Pi lot IFR Operational Problems S. WEISLOGEL

Composite Structures 1

Operation VlOF - Development of a Composite Material Wing G. HELLARD, D. CHAUMETTE
A One-Shot Autoclave Manufacturing Process for Carbon Epoxy Components M. KAITATZIDIS, R. RENZ, D. WURZEL
Non-Honeycomb F-16 Horizontal Stabilizer Structural Design D.N. BUTCHER
Material Identification for the Design of Composite Rotary Wings V. GIAVOTTO, C. CAPRILE, M. DE CAPITANI, L. SALVIONI, V. CARAMASCHI, G.C. MAFFIOLI, F. MUSSI
Studies on Optimization of Laminated Composite Plates S.P. JOSHI, N.G.R. IYENGAR

Flight Management And Landing Aids

Dynamic Energy Transfer Between Wind and Aircraft G. SCHANZER
Digital Computer Simulation of Modern Aeronautical Digital Communication Systems CHOW SUMCHEONG
Flight Simulation Studies on the Feasibility of Laterally Segmented Approaches in an MLS Environment L.J.J. ERKELENS
A Concept for 4D-Guidance of Transport Aircraft in the TMA V. ADAM, W. LECHNER
Optimal Open-Loop Aircraft Control for Go-Around Maneuvers under Wind Shear Influence H.G. JACOB

Rotorcraft / Component Design

The Nonsynchronous Whirls of the Turbine Rotor in Aerojet Engines GU JIA-LIU, REN PIN-ZHEN
Fluctuating Forces and Rotor Noise Due to Distorted Inflow G. NEUWERTH, R. STAUFENBIEL, A. KELLNER, J. SCHREIER
An Experimental and Numerical Study of 3-D Rotor Wakes in Hovering Flight M. NSIMBA, D. FAVIER, C. MARESCA
Aerodynamic Interactions Between a 1/6-Scale Helicopter Rotor and a Body of Revolution M.D. BETZINA, P. SHINODA
The Prediction of Propeller/Wing Interaction Effects A.S. ALJABRI

Windtunnel Techniques

Wind-Tunnel Testing of V/STOL Configurations at High Lift W R. SEARS
Modeling, Control, and Optimization Studies of the Langley 0.3-Meter Transonic Cryogenic Wind Tunnel J.J. THIBODEAUX
Estimation of Simulation Errors in the European Transonic Wind Tunnel (ETW) B. WAGNER
Experimental Works in the NAL High Reynolds Number Two-Dimensional Transonic Wind Tunnel on Advanced Technology and NACA Airfoils K. TAKASHIMA
Transonic Tests in a Wind Tunnel with Adapted Walls U. GANZER, Y. IGETA
Prediction of High Alpha Flight Characteristics Utilizing Rotary Balance Data W. BIHRLE. Jr

Aerodynamic Drag

On the Application of a Two-Equation Turbulence Model to the Solution of the "Time-Averaged" Navier-Stokes Equations R.U. JETTMAR, J.C. ROTTA
Wall Shear Stress Determination in Boundary Layers with Unknown Law of the Wall by a Modified Preston Tube Method C. HABERLAND. W. NITSCHE
Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Boundary Layers on an Empennage of a Typical Transport Airplane H.C. SEETHARAM, N.J. PFEIFFER, M. OHMURA, J.D. McLEAN
Drag Determination and Analysis from Three- Dimensional Wake Measurements J.E. HACKETT, J.C. WU
On the Prediction of Induced Drag of Slender Wings with Flaps up to Transonic Mach Numbers W. KRAUS

Fuel Efficient Transports

Requirements and Trends in Fuel Consumption in Transport Mission with Aircraft and Surface Vehicles G. GABRIELLI
Aerodynamic Concepts for Fuel-Efficient Transport Aircraft G. KRENZ, R. HILBIG
Progress at Douglas on Laminar Flow Control Applied to Commercial Transport Aircraft W.E. PEARCE

Fracture Mechanics

Cracks Interacting with Contact Forces - A Finite Element Study on Loaded Holes H. ANSELL. B. FREDRIKSSON
Singular Propagation Behaviour of Cracks in Stiffened Cylindrical Shells CHANG SHANG CHOW
A New Testing Method of Impulsive Behaviour for Aerospace Materials K. KAWATA. S. HASHIMOTO, N. TAKEDA
A Crack Growth Model under Spectrum Loading YANG BING-XIAN


Age Exploration in Naval Aviation A.D. WILLIAMS
Logistics Research Program in the United States Air Force J.C. REYNOLDS, P.E. DAVIDSON
F/A-18 R&M Does Early Planning Pay Off? R.D. DIGHTON

Propulsion Systems 2

Third Generation Turbo Fans J.F. COPLIN
Turboprop Design - Now and the Future B.S. GATZEN
A Comparative Engine/ Airframe Integration Study of Advanced Technology General Aviation Powerplants D.R. ELLIS, G.L. HUGGINS, A. A. MUELLER, J. D. HEMBREY

Low Reynolds Number Aerodynamics

Inflated Wings A. ROSELLI
Design and Tests of Airfoils for Sailplanes with an Application to the ASW-198 L.M.M. BOERMANS, H.J.W. SELEN
Variable Geometry Aerofoi 1 s as Applied to the Beatty 8-5 and 8-6 Sailplanes R. A. STREATHER

High Lift Aerodynamics

Development of the Circulation Control Wing / Upper Surface Blowing Powered-Lift System for STOL Aircraft M.J. HARRIS, J.H. NICHOLS, Jr •• R.J. ENGLAR. G.G. HUSON
Ejector Powered Propulsion and High-Lift Subsonic Wing R.A. SQUYERS, J.L. PORTER, K.S. NAGARAJA, G.F. CUDAHY
Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Leading Edge Devices at Transonic Speeds G. VOLPE
Development of an Advanced No-Moving-Parts High-Lift Airfoil R. J. ENGLAR

Directions in Sea Based Aircraft

Design Integration of CCW/USB for a Sea-Based Aircraft H.S.D. YANG, J.H. NICHOLS Jr
An Integrated Aerodynamic/Propulsive Design for a STOVL Fighter Attack/Aircraft W. H. FOLEY
Aircraft Design for Fuel Efficiency L.O. LEHMAN, D. WOLL, C. LAMPART
Performance Characteristics of a Buoyant Quad-Rotor Research Aircraft B.L. NAGABHUSHAN. P.P. JACOBS, C.E. BELKNAP, D.A. EULER

Composite Structures 2

Application of a New Hybrid Material (ARALL) in Aircraft Structures J.W. GUNNINK. L.B. VOGELESANG, J. SCHIJVE
The Behaviour of Composite Thin-Walled Structures in Dynamic Buckling Under Impact J, ARI-GUR. J. SINGER, H. RÖHRLE
Nondestructive Testing in Aircraft Construction Using Holographic Methods K. WANDERS, H. STEINBICHLER
Design and Fabrication of Cocured Composite Hat-Stiffened Panels G.D. PEDDIE, E.E. SPIER

Flight Mechanics

Spin Behaviour of the Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer P. WITTWER. 0. MASEFIELD
Classification in Flight Mechanics V. KOCKA
Dynamics of Flexible Aircrafts: Numerical Examples on Simplified Model L. BALIS CREMA. A. CASTELLANI
Three Dimensional Mathematical Model of the Control System of a Homing Missile and Missile-Target Intersection Equations DONG BING-YING

Subsystem Technology 1

Models for the Motor State of VSCF Aircraft Electrical Power System QIU XIANCHENG, YAN YANGUANG, HU YUWEN
The Effect of Intake Flow Disturbances on APU Compressor Blade High Cycle Fatigue in the Airbus A 300 K.W. LOTTER, J. J'ORG
Engine Controls for the 1980s and 1990s V. A. FISHER

Aerodynamic Design 1

Advanced Aerodynamic Wing Design for Commercial Transports - Review of a Technology Program in the Netherlands N. VOOGT, J.W. SLOOFF
Recent Airfoil Developments at DFVLR H. KORNER, G. REDEKER
Wing-Tip Jets Aerodynamic Performance J.M. WU, A. VAKIL, Z.L. CHEN

Vortex Flows 1

Vortex Flow Correlation G.E. ERICKSON
An Experimental Investigation of Leading-Edge Spanwise Blowing SU WENHAN, LIU MOUJI, ZHOU BOCHENG, QIU CHENGHAO, XIONG SHANWEN
Vortex Formation over Double-Delta Wings U. BRENNENSTUHL, D. HUMMEL

Making CAD/CAM Pay-Off

CATIA: A Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Tridimensional System F. BERNARD
CDS - The Designer's Media, The Analyst's Model D.P. RAYMER, S.K. ALBRECHT
Aircraft Geometry Verification with Enhanced Computer Generated Displays J.V. COZZOLONGO

Composite Structures 3

Composite Materials Influences on Aeroelastic and Structural Design R. BARBONI, I. PERONI, N. BANITCHUK
Technical and Economic Comparison of Carbon Fiber Tape and Woven Fabric Applications G. HILAIRE, G. BRIENS
Application of Composite Materials and New Design Concepts for Future Transport Aircraft R.H. LANGE, J.W. MOORE

Rotor and Blade Design

Shock-Free Airfoil, Wing and Turbojet Blade Design A.R. SEEBASS, K.-Y. FUNG, H. SOBIECZKY
Sliced Disc Design - A Composite Conform Concept for a Turbo Engine Axial Compressor? R. KOCHENDURFER
Comparison of HP Turbine "Deep Blade Design" Effects in Turbofan Engine Gas Generators with Different Bearing Structure Configurations D. RIST

Subsystem Technology 2

An Alternative Approach to Engine Rating Structures Using Monitoring Systems D. LEWIS
Infrared Scanning for Improved Maintenance of Electronics Systems G.S. EGAN
Redundant Control Unit for an Advanced Multispool Engine G. DAHL

Aerodynamic Design 2

Test Results of Chordwise and Spanwise Blowing for Low-Speed Lift Augmentation G.A. HOWELL
Aerodynamic Research Applications at Boeing A.L. NAGEL
Wind Tunnel Test and Aerodynamic Analysis of Three Aeroelastically Tailored Wings W.W. BRAYMEN, W.A. ROGERS, M.H. SHIRK

Vortex Flows 2

Upper Vortex Flap - A Versatile Surface for Highly Swept Wings D.M. RAO
Analytical Study of Vortex Flaps on Highly Swept Delta Wings N.T. FRINK
Wind-Tunnel Investigation of Vortex Flaps on a Highly Swept Interceptor Configuration W.E. SCHOONOVER, Jr., W.E. OHLSON
Spanwise Distribution of Vortex Drag and Leading-Edge Suction in Subsonic Flow S. N. WAGNER
Fuselage Effects in Leading Edge Vortex Flap Aerodynamics J.F. MARCHMAN, M.L. HOLLINS

Future transport technology

New Technology for the Next Generation of Commercial Transports - Real or Imaginary? I.S. MACDONALD
Advanced Turboprop Transport Development - A Perspective M.A. BOOTH, G.E. LEDBETTER, L.B. GRATZER
An Initial Look at the Supersonic Aerodynamics of Twin-Fuselage Aircraft Concepts R.M. WOOD, S.M. DOLLYHIGH,D.S. MILLER

Structural Dynamics

Reduced Nonlinear Flight Dynamic Model of Elastic Structure Aircraft J. JANKOVIC
Determination of Load Spectra and Their Application for Keeping the Operational Life Proof of Sporting Airplanes H.J. KOSSIRA
The Role of the Scale Parameter in Service Load Assessment and Simulation J. GEDEON
Prediction of Critical Speeds of Flexible Support-Rotor Systems by Subsystem Impedance Analysis HUANG TAI-PING
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Joint-Structural Damping Interaction for Airplane Construction I.N. KRIVOSIC

Manufacturing and Maintenance

Optimizing Aerospace Structures for Manufacturing Cost B.R. NOTON
Composite Structures Repair H. WICKER
Principles of Achieving Damage Tolerance with Flexible Maintenance Programs for New and Aging Aircraft J. HALL, U.G. GORANSON
Materials and Process Development Efforts in Support of the Air Force Maintenance Program J.A. SNIDE, B. DOBBS

Inlet Vortices and Propulsion Simulation

Intake Swirl - A Major Disturbance Parameter in Engine/Intake Compatibility F. AULEHLA
An Experimental Study of Strength and Existence Domain of Ground-to-Air Inlet Vortices by Ground Board Static Pressure Measurements S. O. RIDDER, I. SAMUELSSON
An Improved Propulsion System Simulation Technique for Scaled Wind Tunnel Model Testing of Advanced Fighters M.F. EIGENMANN, P.A. DEVEREAUX, C. D. WAGENKNECHT

Aerodynamic Design 3

Low-Speed Characteristics of a Fighter-Type Configuration at High Angles-of-Attack and Sideslip K. HUENECKE
Wing Design for Supersonic Cruise/Transonic Maneuver Aircraft P. B. GINGRICH, E. BONNER
STOL Wind Tunnel Test Results for a Tactical Supercruiser R.A. HUTCHISON, M.B. SUSSMAN, R. MAINQUIST, J .W. PAULSON
Analysis of Jet Transport Wings with Deflected Control Surfaces by Using a Combination of 2- and 3-0 Methods N.J. PFEIFFER

Canard Configurations

Optimization of Canard Configurations -An Integrated Approach and Practical Drag Estimation Method I.M. KROO, T. McGEER
Wind-Tunnel Investigation of a Full-Scale Canard-Configured General Aviation Aircraft L.P. YIP, P.F. COY
Wind Tunnel Measurements of Longitudinal Stability and Control Characteristics of Primary and Secondary Wing Configurations H.L. CHEVALIER
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