ICAS 1980 Munich, Germany

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How to lmprove the Performance of Transport .Aircraft by Variation of Wing Aspect-Ratio and Twist E. TRUCKENBRODT

General lectures

The Next Generation of Commercial Aircraft - The Technological Imperative J. M. SWIHART
The Analysis of Fatigue Failures C.J. PEEL, P.J.E. FORSYTH
Impact of Advanced Control Concepts on Aircraft Design H.A. REDIESS

Civil Aircraft Configurations

Aerodynamic Concepts for Fuel-Efficient Transport Aircraft G. KRENZ, R. HILBIG
Numerical Optimization: An Assessment of its Role in Transport Aircraft Aerodynamic Design through a Case Study M.E. LORES, P.R. SMITH
Wing Design for Light Transport Aircraft with Improved Fuel Economy D. WELTE, R. BIRRENBACH, W. HABERLAND
The Relevance of the Flex-Hub Prop-Fan for Fuel-Efficient Airliners K.W. SAMBELL
New Concepts for Design of Fully-Optimized Configurations for Future Supersonic Aircraft A. NASTASE

Military Aricraft Configurations

Transonic Fighter Design Using Numerical Optimization P. V. AIDALA
Possibilities for the Valuation of Different Combat Aircraft Configurations with Respect to Flight Mechanics P. MANGOLD, H. WONNEN BERG
Advanced Combat Aircraft Wing Design B. PROBERT, D.R. HOLT
Same Experiences with Numerical Optimization in Aircraft Specification and Preliminary Design Studies D .A. LOVELL
Mini-RPV for Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition/Designation an Battlefield (Concept and Test Results) M. MUHRING

CAD / Fuel Systems

DRAPO: Integral Computer-Assisted Design and Manufacturing System F. BERNARD
Computer-Aided Compilation of an Electrical Drawing File J.P. PAUZAT
Advanced Fuel System Technology for Utilizing Broadened Property Aircraft Fuels G.M. RECK

Propulsion Airframe Integration

Calculation of the Flow Field around Engine-Wing-Configurations C. HABERLAND, E. GöOE, G. SAUER
Engine Air Intake Design Support by Use of Computational Methods and Comparison of Theoretically Derived Pressure Distributions with Experimental Data A. EBERLE, D.M. SCHMITZ
A Study of the Air In1et Efficiency of a Combat Aircraft Concept with Dorsal Inlet K. WIDING
Experimental Studies of the Upper-Surface- Blowing Propulsion System at Cruise J .A. BRADEN, W .C. SLEEMAN
On Screeching Jets Exhausting from an Axisymmetric Supersonic Nozzle G.M. CARLOMAGNO, C. IANNIELLO, P. VIGO

Active Controls

The All-Electric Aircraft D.K. BIRD
Flying Qualities Criteria for Advanced Control Technology Transports H.A. MOOIJ
Improved Flight Control Performance and Failure Tolerance Using Modern Control Techniques H. BERMAN
OLGA. A Gust Alleviation System for Improvement of Passenger Comfort of General Aviation Aircraft B. KRAG, O. ROHLF H, WONNENBERG
Active Flutter Suppression Design and Test, a Joint U.S. - F.R.G. Program T. NOLL, H, HUNLINGER, O. SENSBURG, K. SCHMIDT
A Stability Augmentation System which Covers the Complete Flight Envelope for a F-4C Aircraft without Gain Scheduling G. KREISSELMEIER, R. STEINHAUSER

Flight Management Systems

Design of Navigation Estimation Algorithms for Implementation on a Microprocessor V.B. GYLYS, J.N. OAMOULAKIS
Mu1tivariable Aircraft Control Manoeuvre Commands - An Application to Air-To-Ground Gunnery DANG VU BINH
Some Aspects of Advanced Flight Management Systems and their Application to Modern Transport Aircraft H. GRIEM
Maneuver Optimization of Aircraft Utilizing High Angles of Attack K.H. WELL, B. FABER, E. BERGER

Dynamic Stability

Dynamic Stability Parameters at High Angles of Attack K.J. ORLIK-ROCKEMANN, E.S. HANFF
Investigation of High-Manoeuvrability Flight Vehicle Dynamics M.E. BEYERS
Longitudinal Motion of Low-Flying Vehicles in Nonlinear Flowfields R. STAUFENBIEL, G. KLEINEIDAM
Identification of Longitudinal Flying Characteristics of an Aeroplane and the Effect of Nonstationary Aerodynamics V. KOCKA
A Rapid Method for the Approximate Determination of Nonlinear Solutions: Application to Aerodynamic Flows S.S. STAHARA, J.P. ELLIOTT, J.R. SPREITER

Future Cockpits

New Developments in Cockpit Human Interfaces E.B. DAVIES, J.B. PECKHAM
The Future Cockpit of the Next Generation of Civil Aircraft J.P. LABORIE
A Theoretical and Practical Design Investigation of the Future Military Cockpit J .W. LYONS
On the Possibilities of Pilots to Get Information from Outside by Vision H.E. HOFFMANN


Simulation of Tactical Aircraft Weapons Systems: A Methodology for Performing Trade-Off Analyses for Avionics Systems Aircraft Performance and Ordnance Capabilities R .J. SANATOR, C. PROKOP
Development and Application of a Moving-Base Visual Flight Simulator Including the Design of Hydraulic Actuators with Hydrostatic Bearings T.J. VIERSMA, M. BAARSPUL
Reduction of the Take-Off Ground Run Distance to a Given Set of Atmospheric Condition D. IONESCU
Use of DFVLR In-Flight Simulator HFB 320 Hansa for Handling Qualities Investigations H .H. LANGE, D. HANKE
The Role of Flight Simulation in the Design and Development of the Sea Harrier Nav-Attack System H.J. ALLEN, P.R. WALWYN

Basic Aerodynamics

Low-Speed Airfoil Section Research at Delft University of Technology J.L. VAN INGEN, L.M.M. BOERMANS, J.J.H. BLOM
Some Practical Aspects of the Burst of Laminar Separation Bubbles N. KAMIYA, S. SUZUKI, . M. NAKAMURA, T. YOSHINAGA
Design and Tests of an Helicopter Rotor Blade with Evolutive Profile J.J. THIBERT, J.M. POURADIER
Review of Numerical Methods for the Problem of the Supersonic Flow Around Bodies at Angle of Attack P. I. CHUSHKIN

Transonic Aerodynamics

Research on Transonic Wings at the National Aerospace Laboratory, Japan N. KAMIYA, N. HIROSE
Adaptive Airfoils and Wings for Efficient Transonic Flight H. SOBIECZKV, A.R. SEEBASS
Flow Computation Around Multi-Element Airfoils in Viscous Transonic Flow H. ROSCH, K.D. KLEVENHUSEN

High Lift Research

High-Lift Research and its Application to Aircraft Design J.R. WEDDERSPOON
Recent Advances in Boeing High-Lift Technology J.L. LUNDRY
High-Lift Investigations on Some Small Aspect Ratio Wings H. KORNER

Optimizing the Fixed Leading Edge Shape of a Transonic Wing to Suit the Landing High-Lift Requirements

Winglets Development at Israel Aircraft Industries I. DAREL, Y. ELIRAZ, Y. BARNETT
Slotted Flapped Wing Sections for Variable Geometry Sailplanes D.J. MARSDEN, R.W. TOOGOOO
Delta+Canard Configuration at High Angle of Attack W. KRAUS
Influence of Jet Location on the Efficiency of Spanwise Blowing W. STAUDACHER
Optimum Subsonic, High-Angle-of-Attack Nacelles R.W. LUIDENS, N.O. STOCKMAN, J.H. DIEDRICH
Vortex Drag Reduction by Aft-Mounted Diffusing Vanes J.E. HACKETT
Leading-Edge 'Vortex Flaps' for Enhanced Subsonic Aerodynamics of Slender Wings D.M. RAO

Vicious phenomena and their modeling

An Experimental Investigation of the Interaction Between a Glancing Shock Wave and a Turbulent Boundary Layer H. KUBOTA, J .L. STOLLERY
Numerical Prediction of Vortex Cores from the Leading and Trailing Edges of Delta Wings O .A. KANDIL

Structural Optimization

Optimization of Aeronautical Structures via Finite Element Technique L. BALIS CREMA, R. BARBONI
Weight Optimization of Wing Structures According to the Gradient Method D.W. MATHIAS, H. ROHRLE, J. ARTMANN
Structural Optimization of Advanced Aircraft Structures G. SCHNEIDER, H. GODEL, O. SENSBURG


Application of Weldbonding to A-10 Production Aircraft A. SHAMES, R. RUPP, J. CLARKE
Development of the A 300 Fin in Modern Composite Fibre Construction D. SCHULZ

Structural testing

Controle Non Destructif des Pieces en Materiaux Composites M. TRECA, J. ODORICO
Holographic Non-Destructive Testing of Materials Using Pulsed Lasers H. FAGOT, F. ALBE, P. SMIGIELSKI, J.L. ARNAUD
Structural Flight Load Testing, Calibration and Analysis E. RAUSCHER
Initial Postbuckling Behaviour of Orthotropic Shells B. GEIER

Simulations in structures

Simulation - Using Computer-Piloted Point Excitations - of Vibrations Induced on a Structure by an Acoustic Environment A. BOURGINE, P. MONTEIL
Flight Simulation Environmental Fatigue Crack Propagation in 2024-T3 and 7475-T761 Aluminium R.J.H. WANHILL

Fatigue cracks

Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Crack Propagation J.M. THOMAS, D. ALLIAGA
A Practical Method for Predicting Flight-By-Flight Crack Growth in Fighter Type Aircraft for Damage Tolerance Assessment M. LEVY, A.S. KUO, K.P. GRUBE
On design of damage tolerant built-up aircraft structures A. SALVETTI, G. CAVALLINI, V. GIAVOTTO


Recent Advances with the 'Experimental Method Fokker (EMF) to Predict Critical Loads of Stringer-Stiffened Panels J .H. VAN DER SLOOT
Computerized Stability Analysis Using Measured Initial Imperfections J. ARBOCZ, C.D. BABCOCK


Durability and Damage. Tolerance Assessment of a Main Fuselage Frame of the AJ-37 .Aircraft P. SINDELAR
Operational Durability of Airframe Structures R.J. SCHLIEKELMANN
Crack Propagation Analyses of Built-Up Structures L. SCHWARMANN
A Comparison of Anodize Processes on the Strength and Durability of Adhesively Bonded Aluminium O. O. HENNEMANN

Aircraft Operations

Fuel consumption aspects of some noise abatement procedures N.M. STANDEN, S.E. ROSBOROUGH
Investigation of the Stalling Characteristics of a General Aviation Aircraft R.F. STENGEL. W.B. NIXON
Procedures to Improve Flight Safety in Wind Shear Conditions R. KONIG, P. KRAUSPE, G. SCHANZER
Aircraft Performance Optimization by Forced Singular Pertubation J. SHINAR, A. MERARI
Optimal Flight Vehicle Design and Linear Vector Spaces S.M. RAMACHANDRA
Flight control modes for control of aerodynamic state parameters V. ADAN

Wind tunnel techniques

Three Years of Operation of the ONERA Pressurized Subsonic Wind Tunnel J .-M. CARRARA. A. MASSON
DFVLR-Dynamic Model Testing in Wind Tunnels for Active Controls Research K. WILHELM. B. GMELIN
Adaptable Wind Tunnel Walls for 2D and 3D Model Tests U. GANZER
A System for Model Access in Tunnels with an Unbreathable Test Medium R.R. HOWELL, S.D. JOPLIN
Wind Tunnel Wall Interference in a Test Section with Ventilated Walls H. SAWADA


Ground Testing of Aircraft Antistatic Protection J. TAILLET
Wind Shear Detection from PCM-Recorded MLS-Flight Data P. VORSMANN, M. SWOLINSKY
ECS Integration for Fuel Efficient I Low Life Cycle Cost Design V.K. RAJPAUL
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