ICAS 1974 Haifa

Table of contents

Title Author(s)


High Power Lasers in Space and Aeronautics A. KANTROWITZ


Review of NASA Supercritical Airfoils R.T. WHITCOMB
Transonic Lift Augmentation of Two-Dimensional Supercritical Aerofoils by Means of Aft Camber, Slot Blowing and Jet Flaps, in High Reynolds Number Flow D. J. PEAKE, A.J. BOWKER, M. MOKRY, H. YOSHIHARA and R. MAGNUS
Effects of Reynolds Number on Swept-Wing-Body Configurations with High Lift Devices at Transonic Speeds E. ATRAGHJI and H. SORENSEN
Research on the Transonic Aerofoil Sections at the National Aerospace Laboratory, Japan T. SHIGEMI
Recent Developments in Methods for Calculating Transonic Flows over Wings M.G. HALL and M.C.P. FIRMIN
Viscous Effects in Transonic Flow past Airfoils J.J. KACPRZYNSKI


Recent Developments in Boundary Layer Transition Research E. RESHOTKO
Analysis of Viscous Flow over Swept Wings E. KRAUSE
Numerical Solution of Navier-Stokes Equations for Interaction of Shock Wave with Laminar Boundary Layer M. HANIN, M. WOLFSHTEIN and U.E. LANDAU
Extension of the "Reynolds Analogy" through an Integral Method Approach E. VALLERANI


On the Calculation of Non-Linear Aerodynamic Characteristics and the Near Vortex Wake J. ROM, C. ZOREA and R. GORDON
Recent Contributions to the Solution of Nonlinear Aerodynamic Interference Problems D. HUMMEL
Numerical Computations of Wake Vortices behind Lifting Surfaces A. MATTEI and E. SANTORO
The Deformation of a Vortex Sheet behind a Swept Back Wing; Comparison of Measurements and Calculations TH.E. LABRUJERE and O. DE VRIES
Turbulent Trailing Vortex with Central Jet or Wake J.A.H. GRAHAM, B.G. NEWMAN and W.R. PHILLIPS
Aircraft Trailing Vortex Instabilities W.P. JONES and H.L. CHEVALIER
Experimental Investigation of Wing-Tip Vortex Abatement S.W. YUAN and A.M. BLOOM


Application to the Viggen Aircraft Configuration of the Polar Coordinate Method for Unsteady Subsonic Flow V.J.E. STARK
Computation of Aerodynamic Loads on Helicopter Rotorblades in Forward Flight, Using the Method of the Acceleration Potential TH. VAN HOLTEN


Two-Dimensional Wind Tunnel Tests on a Conventional Wing Section over a Wide Range of Reynolds Numbers and up to High Subsonic Free-Stream Speeds D. BROWN
Simulation of High Altitude Flight in Wind-Tunnels and Correlation of Free-Flight and Wind Tunnel W. WUEST
Experimental Study of Viscous Flow on Multiple Element Airfoils B.L.G. LJUNGSTROM
Experimental Studies of the Leading Edge Suction Force, Including the Maximum Attainable Suction Force versus Reynolds Number and the Induced Distributions on Various Wing Planforms and Air Intakes S.O. RIDDER
The Determination of Ice Deposition on Slender Wings: an Experimental Technique and Simplified Theory J.W. FLOWER
Determination of Ice Shapes and Their Effect on the Aerodynamic Characteristics for the Unprotected Tail of the A 300 B. LASCHKA and R.E. JESSE
Status and Future of Determination of Aerodynamic Derivatives from Flight Data V. KLEIN
Estimates of the Stability Derivatives of a Helicopter from Flight Measurements D.G. GOULD and W.S. HINDSON
Static Aeroelastic Effects on the Aerodynamics of the SAAB 37 Viggen Aircraft, a Comparison between Calculations, Windtunnel Tests and Flight Tests J. KLOOS and L. ELMELAND
New Materials and Structures W.R. JOHNSTON
Artificial and Natural High-Temperature Composites W. BUNK
Advanced Material Applications to Subsonic Transport Aviation D.G. SMILLIE and D.M. PURDY
Theoretical and Experimental Stress Analysis of a Composite Pressure Vessel A. SEGAL, A. DOTHAN, M. NEWMAN and J.M. LIFSHITZ


Design Criteria for Buckling and Vibration of Imperfect Stiffened Shells J. SINGER and A. ROSEN
The Interaction of Local and Overall Buckling of Thin-Walled Structures A. VAN DER NEUT
Fail-Safe Characteristics of Built-Up Sheet Structures H. VLIEGER
Thermal Re-entry Problems of Anisotropic Structures L. BROGLIO
Structural Optimization under Constraints of Whatever Kind P. SANTINI and R. BARBONI


Problems of Flight in Turbulence G. COUPRY
Linear and Non-linear Oscillations in Mechanics J.H. ARGYRIS, P.C. DUNNE, T. ANGELOPOULOS and B. BICHAT
Influence of Sloshing in Wing Tip Tanks on the Vibration Natural Modes of an Aircraft R. VALID and R. OHAYON
Theoretical and Experimental Research on Vibrations of Thir Walled Stiffened Structures G. CAVALLINI and A. SALVETTI
On the Kinematic Theory of Rolling Tires I. KLOC


Automation of the Aircraft Design Process R.R. HELDENFELS
Modern Applications of Electronics Technology in Civil Aviation - Present Status and Future Trends E. EULA


Overview of NASA Aeronautical Propulsion Research and Technology Program H. W. JOHNSON
Matched Propulsion for Advanced Vehicles G. ROSEN
Theoretical and Experimental Studies of a High Pressure Ratio Centrifugal Compressor at Red¬uced Rotating Speed Y. RIBAUD and P. AVRAM
A Study of the Concorde Air Intake in Yaw J. LEYNAERT, T.W. BROWN and D. COLLARD
Air Intake Wind Tunnel Tests J. LAVERRE, M. BAZIN and J.P. LEDY
Flow Calculation of Convergent Propulsive Nozzles Comparison with Experiment M. FENAIN, L. DUTOUQUET and J.L. SOLIGNAC
Generalization of the Equations for Intersecting Turbulent Jets V. PIMSNER and S. VINTILA


Recent Developments in Noise Research at NGTE F.W. ARMSTRONG
Noise Shielding Aircraft Configurations, a Comparison between Predicted and Experimental Results G. HELLSTROM
Recent Developments at the Ultimate Noise Barrier J.S. GIBSON
The Problem of Pollution for the SST A. FERRI
New Results Concerning the Emission of Pollutants from Combustion Processes in Gas Turbines G. KAPPLER, TH. JUST and G. WINTERFELD
Technology for the Reduction of Aircraft Turbine Engine Pollutant Emissions D.W. BAHR and C.C. GLEASON