Call for Papers/Handling

The preliminary programme is released here.

Be advised that this programme might change till the congress, so please do not make travel arrangements due to this programme.

Information about the 33 rd ICAS Congress in Stockholm Sweden can be found here.

Some abstracts were changed from interactive presentations to active oral presentations. Please send us a short email if you're one of those authors and are not happy with this decision.
When you can foresee that you're not able to participate in Stockholm please tell us that as early as possible. It would only be fair to those authors who are now standby and are depending on an author withdrawing his/her paper.

We would like to remind everybody that there's a strict no paper / no podium / no publication policy, meaning that without an uploaded paper or without a presentation in Stockholm there will be no publication in the congress proceedings.
So please observe the deadlines.

If your abstract was accepted, please use the Word/Latex template  to prepare your paper.

If you are registering for the congress and you are an author of an accepted paper please make sure that you include your paper ID in the registration form.

When you eventually upload your paper please make sure that you include the copyright remark. Without this remark we are unable to publish your paper.

The presentation template is available for download. There will be a possibility to upload it on scene from e.g. a USB stick when checking in for the congress. 

Important notice for interactive presentations:

For those authors who qualify for an interactive presentation, the length will be 8 minutes followed by 2 minutes Questions and Answers.
The technical prerequisites and a template is available for download.
The upload deadline for your video file is July 1st 23:59 GMT
To avoid confusion a video upload is not considered to be a paper, so we still require a paper upload via the ICAS submission system.
Althought the interactive presentations are available during the whole congress, if you are an authors of an interactive presentation be at the screen (a schedule will be published closer to the congress) during your time slot at the interactive presentation session on Tuesday in order to present it and answer questions..


Important dates:

 • Upload your full paper prior to 01 June 2022, If the PC has any recommendations you will receive them before June 30th. Please implement them by uploading your revised paper by 15th July..

 • Register to the Congress prior to 15 July 2022

 • As a interactive author upload your video file prior to 01 July 2022

When you LogIn into your upload portal all boxes should be green eventually except the registration box. That box is updated manually so don't expect it to turn green as soon as you registered.

If you cannot upload pending papers anymore please send them via email attachement and your ICAS ID in the header to