ICAS 1992 Beijing

Table of contents

Title Author(s)


Vortex Control Technology Zhuang, F.G


Spanish-lndonesian Cooperation in the Development, Production, Certification and Marketing of CN-235 Commuter Aircraft Habibie, B.J., Guzmän, E. de

General lectures

Advancements in Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines: Past and Future Webb, W.L
Prospects For A Second Generation Supersonic Transport Swadling, S.J
Implementing Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) in a Large Engineering Organization Hammer, R.H., Harris, D.W


The Air Traffic Control Process - How Can it Change? Smoker, A.J
Precision Increasing and Integrity Monitoring of Navigation Data for GPS/lnertial Hybrid Solution Varavva, V.G., Vinogradov, O.V., Kireichikov, V.A
TCAS II Testing - Conflicts and Resolutions Caldwell, K.M
Investigation of Precise Approach and Landing of Civil Aircraft Using Integrated System Based on GPS Wang, J.P., Zheng, E., Yuan, J.P., Deng, X.F


Flight Path Optimization and Suboptimal Control Laws Synthesis for Transport Mission of Maneuverable Aircraft Grevtsov, N.M., Efimov, O.E., Meltz, I.O
Optimality-Based Control Laws for Real-Time Aircraft Control via Parameter Optimization Ong, S.Y., Pierson, B.L
Approximate Chattering Arc for Practical Maneuvres Chern, J.S., Hong, Z.C
The Application of Optimal Flight Paths in Complex Aerial Combat Simulations Jarmark, B., Findlay, P
Optimal Nonlinear Guidance for a Reentry Vehicle Harel, D., Guelman, M


Numerical Analysis of Three-Dimensional Viscous Flows Around an Advanced Counterrotating Propeller Matsuo, Y., Saito, S
Numerical Investigation of the Unsteady Flow through a Counter-Rotating Fan Engel, K., Faden, M., Pokorny, S
Numerical Computations of Turbomachinery Cascade Turbulent Flows with Shocks by Using Multigrid Scheme Chen, N.X., Zheng, X.Q., Xu, Y.J
Study of Dynamic Characteristics of Axial Compression Systems by Heat Addition Tang, G.C., Li, X.J., Hu, J


The New Challenge of Computational Aeroscience Bailey, F.R., Dwoyer, D.L., Nichols, L.D
Nozzle Flow Computations Using the Euler Equations Azevedo, J.L.F., Fico Jr., N.G.C.R., Ortega, M.A., Luna, G.C
Computations of Open and Closed Supersonic Cavity Flowfields with and without Passive Venting Chokani, N., Kim, I.S
Navier-Stokes Calculations of the Flow about Wing-Flap Combinations Kogan, A., Marom, S.
Aerodynamic Characteristics of Transport Airplanes in Low Speed Configuration Martinez-Val, R., Munoz, T., Perez, E., Santo-Tomas, J.


A Study of the Internal Friction of the Aluminum-Lithium Alloys Zhou, Z.Q., Li, X.W., Chen, C.Q
High Temperature Aluminium Alloys for Supersonic Airframe Applications Chellman, D.J., Weber, J.H., Gilman, P.S
Mechanical Testing Analyses of New Aluminium Alloy SPF Typical-Parts in Aircraft Wu, T.M., Tang, T.C
A New Production Technology for Complex-Shaped Structural Elements "Creep Forming" Miodushevsky, P.V., Rajevskaya, G.A., Sosnin, O.V


Influence of Inspection Intervals of Airplane System Reliability Zilberman, B., Sharma, T.C
Vibration Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Inflight Aircraft Engines Yi, J
Demands In-Service Maintenance Place on the Design of the Boeing 777 Simcox, C.D
A Fuzzy Dynamic Analysis Method for Aeromaintenance System Li, X.R., Yao, H


Application of SPEED in Aviation Industry Zhao, X.L., Zhu, X.X
ADDES: Aircraft Drawing-Part Die Design CAD Expert System Fu, X.Y
The Optimum Design and Air Cycle Refrigeration System with High Pressure Water Separation Wang, Y., Yuan, X.G
The Principles of Creation of Complex Discrete Signal CAD System Bichenkov, S.V
A Study of Noise Immunity of Multichannel Radio Circuit with a Band-Saving Modulation Method under the Influence of Noise from a Neighbouring Channel Simakov, E.A


Advanced Technologies Airships Arata, Jr., W.H
Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) Vehicles in Air Borne Surveillance and Allied Roles Ramchand, A., Tamilmani, K., Sivagnanam, G
A Stratospheric Unmanned Powered Lighter-Than-Air Platform Onda, M., Morikawa, Y., Nagayama, N., Suzuki, I .
Development of Generic Helicopter Performance Methodology for Real Time Mission Analyses Stanzione, K.A., Smith, R.F


The Development of an Efficient Take-Off Performance Monitor (TOPM) Khatwa, R
Integration of Flight Control and Carrier Landing Aid System Le Moing, T
Automatic Guidance and Control for Recovery of Remotely Piloted Vehicles MacCormac, J.K.M., Rose, A., Dedden, A
A Computer Programme for the Certification of Helicopter Vertical Take-Off and Landing Operations and an Application to the S-76B Helicopter Vodegel, H.J.G.C., Stevens, J.M.G.F


Propulsion Airframe Integration and Propulsion System Component Design and Analysis Using Advanced CFD Codes Karadimas, G
Over Wing Propeller Aerodynamics Cooper, R.K., McCann, W.J., Chapleo, A.Q
A Study of Propeller/Wing Interaction Including the Effect of Ground Proximity Harris, A.P., Hurst, D.W


Calculation of Transonic Viscous Flow Around a Delta Wing Laine, S., Siikonen, T., Kaurinkoski, P
Multizone Navier-Stokes Computations for a Transonic Projectile using MacCormack Finite Difference Method Chen, T.C., Chieng, C.C
Accelerated Method of the Euler Equation Solution in Transonic Airfoil Flow Problem Lyapunov, S.V


Adaptive Unstructured Meshing Technique for Built-Up Structures Dechaumphai, P
A Very Efficient Tool for the Structural Analysis of Hypersonic Vehicles under High Temperature Aspects Haupt, M., Kossira, H., Kracht, M., Pleitner, J
A Numerical Procedure for the Three-Dimensional Thermal Analysis of Space Structures Givoli, D., Rand, O
The Fretting Damage and Effect of Temperature in Typical Joint of Aircraft Construction Tian, T.Z


A Proposal Concerning the Dynamic Analysis Method of Continuous Gust Design Rules Liu, H.H
Combined Hardware and Software Models of Reliability and Availability for Configuration with Redundant Hardware Xu, B., Yao, Y.P
Reliability Evaluation for a Multistate Display and Control System Shao, J.J., Liu, J
Solid State Flight Data Recorders and their Application in the Flight Operation Analysis Giese, P., Rohäcs, J., Farkas, T., Apäthy, J


A Parametric Approach to Preliminary Design for Aircraft and Spacecraft Configuration Li, Y
Integration of Aircraft Design and Manufacture Using Artificial Intelligence Paradigms Saggu, J.S
Application of CAD System in Geometric Modeling for Helicopter Preliminary Design Xu, L.J., Shen, M.S


Perspective on ASTOVL Fighters Chin, Y.T
New Design Practice coming from Intensive Numerical Modeling and International Collaboration Perrier, P.C
Designing to Aircraft System Effectiveness/Cost/Time with VERT - The System Analysis Method for Aircraft Gu, C.Y., Wang, Q., Chu, Y.F
Aircraft Optimization by a System Approach: Achievements and Trends Sobieszczanski-Sobieski, J


How to Master the Increasing Complexity of Systems on Board Civil Aircraft Negre, Y
Contrasting Factors in the Design Specification and Verification of Aircraft and Spacecraft Systems Donnelly, R.P., Tatnall, A.R.L
Integrated Utilities Management System for Aircraft Kleiman, S., Milstein, D
Digital Fly-By-Wire System for BK117 FBW Research Helicopter Tomio, T., Ishikawa, M., Nakamura, S., Sudo, N


Inlet Design Using a Blend of Experimental and Computational Techniques Mason, J.G., Farquhar, B.W., Booker, A.J., Moody, R.E
Numerical Simulation of the Airflow in Supersonic Air Intakes: Application to the Future Supersonic Transport Aircraft Bousquet, X., Gisquet, D., Surply, T
Numerical Solution of 3-D Turbulent Flows Inside of New Concept Nozzles Zheng, X.Q., Zhang, M.H., Lai, C.X., Jin, H., Zen, J
Passive Boundary-Layer Bleed for Supersonic Intakes Raghunathan, S., Rolston, S.T
Flow Characteristics of an S-Shaped Inlet at High Incidence Lin, Q., Guo, R.W


GEMINI - General Missile Navier-Stokes Integrator Sowa, J
The Value of a Computational/Experimental Partnership in Aerodynamic Design Bengelink, R.L., Purcell, T.W
Using Surface Transpiration in an Euler Computational Method for Cost-Effective Aerodynamic Analysis and Design Raj, P., Harris, B.W
Computational Methods Applied to the Aerodynamics of Spaceplanes and Launchers Bousquet, J.M., Collercandy, R., Dala, L., Demargne, A., Oswald, J
MELINA - A Multi-Bock, Multi-Gid 3D Euler Code with Sub Block Technique for Local Mesh Refinement Rill, S., Becker, K


Human Factors of Aircraft Cabin Safety Muir, H.C., Thorning, A.G
Interrelationships Between Commercial Airplane Design and Operational Requirements and Procedures Fickeisen, F.C
The Methods of Reducing Impact Loads on Occupants in the Civil Aircraft Crash Condition Machida, S., Takaki, J., Ugai, T., Sugiyama, Y., Shimizu, Y
Radiation Safety in Aircraft Operations Wilson, J.W., Nealy, J.E
Human Factors in Design of Military Aircrafts' Oxygen Supply Equipment Xiao, H.J., Zhang, Y.M., He, D.Y


Research and Applications in Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity Abel, I
Feasibility Study for an Active Aeroelastic Control System for the F-16 Aircraft Medina, M., Naman, R.A., Kagan, E
The Applications of Active Control Technology for Vibration Control in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Gu, Z.Q., Zhu, D.M., Chen, W.D., Ma, K.G., Wu, L.S., Zhou, W.M.
Nonlinear Rotor-Fuselage Coupled Response to Generic Periodic Control Modes using Advanced Computation Techniques Barkai, S.M., Rand, O
Engineering Optimization of Aeronautical Structures Ding, H.L., Sun, X.S., Sun, X.X., Li, G.S., Wu, G.M.,Pan, B.C


An Intelligent Control Air Combat Target Based on Blackboard Framework Tao, W.M., Wang, X.R
Variable Structure Controller Design and Its Real-Time Analysis for Microprocessor-Based Flight Control Systems Liu, H.X., Lu, C.Q., Chen, J.S
Resolved Motion Rate Controller for Redundant Robots with Local Optimization Melzer, F
Jet Streams and Associated Turbulence and their Effects on Air Transport Operations Houghton, R.C.C
An Adaptive Algorithm for Estimation of a State Vector in the System of Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Control using Kalman Filters Trifonov, A.D


Theory and Experiments on Operating Principle of Hemispherical Resonator Gyro Fan, S.C., Liu, G.Y., Wang, Z.J
Flight Simulator Research into Advanced MLS Approach and Departure Procedures Erkelens, L.J.J., Dronkelaar, J.H. van
BUAA Inertial Terrain-Aided Navigation (BITAN) Algorithm Chen, Z.; Yu, P.J., Yang, H
A New Aircraft Integrated Positioning and Communication System Based on Satellite Lu, B.Y., Chen, F
The Development and Tendency of Modern Telemetry Technology Zhang, Q.S
A Neurally-Based Auto-Lock-On Target-Tracking Sight Controller for Airborne Fire Control System Gao, X.G., Chen, D.Q., Zhu, P.S


The Concept of Aircraft Fault-Tolerant Control Loop Development on the Basis of Integrated Data Processing Krjukov, S.P., Smirnov, V.V
Fault Tolerant Scheme for Multisensor Navigation System Zhang, H.G., Zhang, H.Y
Design and Implementation of an Inverter Using Walsh-Function- Method Li, X.S., Grotstollen, H
A New Dynamic Performance Improvement Method for Multi-Sensor Systems Huang, J.Q., Xiao, X.M


Supersonic Combustion and Gasdynamics of Scramjet Voloshchenko, O.V., Kolesnikov, O.M., Meshcheryakov, Ye.A., Ostras, V.N., Sabelnikov, V.A., Sermanov, V.N
Scramjet Combustor and Nozzle Computations Kamath, P.S., McClinton, C.R
Combined Engines for Hypersonic Flight Tskhovrebov, M.M., Palkin, V.A
Nonintrusive Spectroscopic Techniques for Supersonic/Hypersonic Aerodynamics and Combustion Diagnostics Exton, R.J
Numerical Simulations of High Speed Inlet Flows Grasso, F., Marini, M
Experimental Investigation of Hydrogen Burning and Heat Transfer in Annular Duct at Supersonic Velocity Vinogradov, V.A., Albegov, R.V., Petrov, M.D


An Algebraic Turbulence Model with Memory for the Computation of Three Dimensional Turbulent Boundary Layers Hsing, T.D
Turbulence Modelling Requirements for the Prediction of Viscous Transonic Aerofoil Flows Johnston, L.J
Experimental Study of Crossflow Instability and Laminar-Turbulent Transition on a Swept Wing Galkin, V.M., Babitch, O.V., Shapovalov, G.K
Calculation of 3-D Unsteady Subsonic Flow with Separation Bubble using Singularity Method Djojodihardjo, H., Sekar, W.K., Prananta, B
Numerical Analysis of the 3-D Turbulent Flow in an S-Shaped Diffuser Lin, Q., Guo, R.W


Damage Severity of Monitored Fatigue Load Spectra Jonge, J.B. de
The Method for Developing F-By-F Load Spectra of Fighter Aircraft Based on Manoeuvers Wang, Z., Chen, Z.W
Small-Crack Growth Behavior in High-Strength Aluminum Alloys - A NASA/CAE Cooperative Program Newman, Jr., J.C., Swain, M.H., Phillips, E.P., Wu, X.R., Zhao, W., Ding, C.F
Researches on Sonic Fatigue of the Air-Inlet Duct of XX Aircraft Yao, Q.H., Ge, S,, Shao, Ch., Zhang, X.Y
An Approach to Prediction for Naturally Short Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviours Jiang, W.Z., Xu, B.Q


Aeroservoelastic Analysis of an Aircraft Model Incorporating the Minimum State Method for Approximating Unsteady Aerodynamics Roberts, R.P
Study of Aeroservoelastic Stability on an Aircraft Tang, C.H
Understanding and Development of a Prediction Method of Transonic Limit Cycle Oscillation Characteristics of Fighter Aircraft Meijer, J.J., Cunningham, Jr., A.M
An Engineering-Oriented Approach to the Analysis of Geometrically Nonlinear Elastic Structures Subjected to Random Excitation Maymon, G
The Influence of Main Design Parameters on Helicopter Air Resonance and its Source of Instability Zhang, X.G


An Adaptive Region Method for Computation of Vortex Sheet Behind a Wing in Compressible Flow Sun, G., Qiao, Z.D
The Influence of the Fuselage of High Alpha Vortical Flows and the Subsequent Effect on Fin Buffeting Vincent, A., Wood, N.J
A Prediction Method of the Stalling for Wings with Rear Separation Zhu, J.Z
Calculation of Transonic Flows over Bodies of Varying Complexity Using Singular Perturbation Method Fu, Q


Experimental Study of the Acoustic Spinning Modes Generated by a Helicopter Turboshaft Engine Lowy, S., Gounet, H
F.E.M. Analysis of Acoustic Propagation in Duct with Mean Compressible Flow Golia, C., Scaramuzzino, F.( Paonessa, A., Sollo, A
The Numerical Calculation for the Coupling of Multiple Propeller Discrete Noise and Its Interaction with the Fuselage Boundary Wang, T.Q., Sheng, Y.S., Zhou, S
Calculation of Sound Field Radiated by Oscillating Cascade Wang, S.H., Sun, X.F., Cao, C.J


Characterization and Modeling for Dilute and Dense Sprays Chen, C.P., Kim, Y.M., Shang, H.M
Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Reacting Flows in Combustion Chambers Bai, X.S., Fuchs, L
Recent Progress in the Implementation of Active Combustion Control Schadow, K.C., Hendricks, E.W., Hansen, R.J
A Numerical Study Slit V-Gutter Flows Tsuei, Y.M., Lee, D


DNW Test Highlights Related to Aircraft Environment Meier, H.U., Ditshuizen, J.C.A. van
Assessment and Correction of Tunnel Wall Interference by Navier-Stokes Solutions Lan, C.E., Hsing, C.A
The Use of a Deep Honeycomb to Achieve High Flow Quality in the ARA 9' x 8' Transonic Wind Tunnel Green, J.E., McHugh, C.A., Baxendale, A.J., Stanniland, D.R


A Flux-Difference Finite Volume Method for Steady Euler Equations on Adaptive Unstructured Grids Riemslagh, K., Dick, E
Parallel Implementation of the Feature Associated Mesh Embedding Method for the 2D-Euler Equations (Fame2D) Bowers, M.W., Cooper, R.K
A Multi-Zonal Local Solution Methodology for the Accelerated Solution of the Turbulent Navier-Stokes Equations Drikakis, D., Tsangaris, S


Aeroelastic Investigations as Applied to Airbus Airplanes Zimmermann, H., Vogel, S., Schierenbeck, D
Integrated Control Law Synthesis of Gust Load Alleviation and Flutter Margin Augmentation for a Transport Aircraft Matsushita, H., Fujii, K., Miyazawa, Y
Dynamic Stability, Coupling and Active Control of Elastic Vehicles with Unsteady Aerodynamic Forces Modeling Chen, S.L., Tang, S., Huan, F.M., Zhu, X,P
Analytic Continuation of Padb Approximations to the Unsteady Kernel Functions to Obtain a Better Understanding of the Analytic Continuation of Padb Approximations to Unsteady Parameters in General Zyl, L.H. van


Main Landing Gear Plastic Limit Analysis for Fighter Aircraft Lu, M.B., Xing, B
In-Flight Tailload Measurements Gelder, P.A. van
Flight Investigations of Aircraft Dynamic Aeroelasticity using Test Excitation Kliatchko, M.D., Lepkov, J.V


A Synthesized Method in Durability Analysis Wang, W.L., Li, Z.N
The Research of the Influence of Temperature Loads on the Deployment of Space Long Panel Structures Sternin, I.G., Tushnov, P.A
An Investigation of Mode Shift Flutter Suppressor Scheme for Empennages Yang, Z.C., Liu, J.K


MPC75 - The Evolution of a New Regional Airliner for the Late Nineties Fischer, B., Chen, J.Z
Design Considerations and Optimisation of N-250 Sartono, D
An Engineering Method with Artificial Intelligence Characteristics used for Structural Layout of Wings He, L.S., Zeng, X.P
The Aerodynamic and Structural Design of a Variable Camber Wing (VCW) Fielding, J.P., Macci, S.H.M., MacKinnon, A.V. Stollery, J.L
Use of Alternative Fuels for Aviation Denisov, V., Mavritsky, V., Ovchinnikov, V


The Study of Fault-Tolerant GPS/INS/VOR/DME Integration Navigation System Ren, D
Hetero-Redundant Architecture with Kalman Filter for Input Processing in Flight Control System Subramanian, C., Subramanian, D.K
Approaches to an Adaptive Target Tracking Real-Time Filter in IFFC System Huang, J.M., Liu, C.L
Application of Flight Data for Diagnostic Purposes Rohacs, J., Apathy, J., Farkas, T., Szendro, S
Adaptive Intermittent Maneuvers of Passive Homing Missiles for Intercept Performance Improvement Tahk, M.J., Ryu, H


The Cryogenic Approach to Simulating Hot Jet in Transonic Wind- Tunnel Testing Asai, K
On the Configuration Buffet of a Transport Aircraft Zhao, B.C
Extending the Useful Frequency of "Rigid" Wind Tunnel Models with Active Control Zyl, L.H. van, McKinnell, R.J
The Effect of Wind Tunnel Constraint on Unsteady Aerodynamics Experiments Green, R.B., Galbraith, R.A.McD
Design of Manoeuvrable Simple & Complex Planform Transonic Wings with Attained Thrust-, Panel- & Euler-Methods Nangia, R.K


Lateral Aerodynamics Characteristics of Forebodies at High Angle of Attack in Subsonic and Transonic Flows Koren, S., Arieli, R., Rom, J
Experimental Study of Vortex Effects on a Fighter Aircraft Forebody at High Angle of Attack Widing, K
Further Studies on the Asymmetrical Flow Past Yawed Cylinders Ponte, S. de
Separation Control and Lift Enhancement of Airfoil Using Unsteady Excitations Cui, E.J., Yu, X.T., Fu, G.H., Xu, C., Zhang, S.Y., Zhou, M.D
Cobra Maneuver Considerations Ericsson, L.E


Compression After Impact (CAI) Properties of CF/PEEK (APC-2) and Conventional CF/EPOXY Stiffened Panels Ishikawa, T., Hayashi, Y., Matsushima, M
Dual Mode Fracture of Composite Laminates Penetrated by Spherical Projectiles Czarnecki, G.J
Analysis and Design of Composite Laminates Subjected to Impact of Foreign Objects Luo, X.D., Kou, C.H., Yang, B.X
Post Impact Compressive Behavior of Composites Lin, K.Y., Li, R.F


Application of Vibration-and-Flutter Integration Analysis System for a Trainer Chen, K.L., Xu, M
Aeroelastic Stability Characteristics of Composite Cylindrical Shells by the Finite Element Method Surace, G., Surace, C
An Interactive Numerical Procedure for Rotor Aeroelastic Stability Analysis Using Elastic Lifting Surface Yoo, K.M., Hodges, D.H., Peters, D.A
Large-Amplitude Finite Element Flutter Analysis of Composite Panels in Hypersonic Flow Gray, Jr., C.E., Mei, C


The Optimum Design of Personal Liquid Cooling System Liao, X.H., Yuan, X.G
Investigation on Air Refueling Scheduling Hong, G.X
Scheme of Alignment for Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems Zhang, C.Y
The Hazard and the Alarm of Windshear Zhang, H., Jin, C.J


The Simulation of Aircraft Landing Gear Dynamics Shepherd, A., Catt, T., Cowling, D
The Dynamic Mathematical Model and Digital Simulation of the Environmental Control System Tian, T.C., Shou, R.Z., He, H.S
Development of Laser Conducting Landing System Chen, P.R., Xing, H.H., Hu, X.H
Some Dynamic Problems in Design of Aircraft Landing Gear Zhu, D.P


Drag/Thrust Estimation via Aircraft Performance Flight Testing Mendelboim, T., Bettoun, M.( Englander, B., Gabel, M., Oshman, Y
Modelling for Aileron Induced Unsteady Aerodynamic Effects for Parameter Estimation Singh, J., Raisinghani, S.C
Parameter Estimation Techniques for Flight Flutter Test Analysis Viviers, S.S
A New Algorithm of Parameter Identification for the Discrete Model of Space Shuttle Chen, L.Y., Chen, X.H


Development of a System for Aerodynamic Fast-Response Probe Measurements Gossweiler, C., Humm, H,, Kupferschmied, P
In-Flight Detection of Flow Separation, Stagnation and Transition Mangalam, S.M., Kuppa, S
In-Flight Surface-Flow Measurements of a Subsonic Transport High-Lift Flap System Yip, L.P., Vijgen, P.M.H.W., Hardin, J.D
Aerospace Measurements: Challenges and Opportunities Conway, B.A
On the Measurements of the Skin Friction in 3-D Flows. Application to a Complete 3-D Shear Layer Flow luso, G., Oggiano, M.S., Ponte, S. de


Wing Rock of Lifting Systems Prudnikov, Yu.A., Karavayev, E.A., Rokhmistrov, O.V
Prediction and Control of Slender-Wing Rock Kandil, O.A., Salman, A.A
Flow Structures Around A Constant-Rate Pitching Airfoil and Mechanism of Dynamic Stall Sun, M., Wang, J.L., Lian, Q.X
Trailing Vortex Rollup Computations Using an Improved Point Vortex Method Siddiqi, S., Ormsbee, A.I
Leading Edge Vortices in a Chordwise Periodic Flow Amitay, M., Er-EI, J., Seginer, A


Wing Surface Multiple Repairs Impact on Damage Tolerance Birdseye, R.J
Post Buckling of Laminated Composite Stiffened Curved Panels Subjected to Cyclic Shear and Compression Shalev, D.( Segal, A., Frostig, Y
The Role of Plasticity in Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics of Metallic Materials Chiarelli, M., Frediani, A., Lucchesi, M
Ultimate Strength of Aluminium Alloy Extruded Structural Shapes in Bending Baldwin, J.W


Exact Dynamic Stiffness Matrix for Curved Beam Elements Banerjee, J.R.
New Model of Bird Impact Analysis and Its Engineering Solution Gong, Y.N., Qian, C
RISK: Interactive Multidisciplinary System for Designing Airframes Ivanteyev, V.I., Chuban, V.D
Cost - The Challenge for Advanced Materials and Structures Davis, Jr., J.G., Freeman, Jr., W.T., Siddiqi, S
Design and Fabrication of a Composite Transmission Flousing for a Flelicopter Tail Rotor Johnson, A.F., Hinz, B
Structural Optimization in Preliminary Aircraft Design: a Finite-Element Approach Bil, C., Dalen, F. van, Rothwell, A., Arendsen, P., Wiggenraad, J.F.M
I.A.C.A.D.S. - An Integrated Platform for Research Development of Composite Materials and Structures Bidgood, P.M


The Ways of the Formation of the Horseshoe Vortex in Turbulent Boundary Layers Li, K.W
Numerical Simulation of Three Dimensional Boundary Layer Flows Spazzini, P.G
A Method for Optimizing the Meridional Passage of the Rotor in Centrifugal Compressors Rao, J., Li, J.P.
Experimental Investigations of the Separation Behavior in 3D Shock Wave/Turbulent Boundary-Layer Interactions Dou, H.S., Deng, X.Y


Hypersonic Design Hamm, D., Best, D
The Hermes Carrier Aircraft (HCA) Hormann, F
Interactive Hypersonic Waverider Design and Optimization Center, K.B., Jones, K.D., Dougherty, F.C., Seebass, A.R., Sobieczky, H


Analysis and Feedback Control of Aircraft Flight in Wind Shear Han, C
Optimal Lateral Maneuvering for Microburst Encounter during Final Approach Visser, H.G
Equivalent Deterministic Inputs for Atmospheric Turbulence Shi, Y


A Low Speed Wind-Tunnel with Extreme Flow Quality - Design and Tests Johansson, A.V
A Semi-Empirical Theory of the Noise in Slotted Tunnels Caused by Diffuser Suction Mabey, D.G
Generation of Flow Disturbances in Transonic Wind Tunnels Medved, B.L., Vitic, A
An Experimental Study for Interaction Flow Between Shock Wave and Turbulent Boundary Layer Li, S.X., Shi, Y.D., Cai, H.L


Experimental and Theoretical Studies on Helicopter Rotor-Fuselage Interaction Bettschart, N., Desopper, A., Hanotel, R., Larguier, R
Interaction of a Conical Shock Wave with a Turbulent Boundary Layer Teh, S.L., Gai, S.L
Experimental Investigations Into Twin Impinging Jets in Cross-Flows Bray, D., Knowles, K
Numerical Solution of Radiative Flowfield on the Nose Region of Blunt Bodies Shen, J.W., Qu, Z.H


Fracture Stresses of Filament Wound Tubes under Uniaxial and Biaxial Loads Amaldi, A., Marchetti, M
Parametric Aeroelastic Analysis of Composite Wing-Boxes with Active Strain-Energy Tuning Persiani, F., Santini, P., Saggiani. G.M
Active Vibration Control Utilizing Shape Memory Alloy Sun, C.Y., Nie, J.X
Design of Hybrid Composites with Zero Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Zhang, Z.G., Zhong, W.H., Song, H.C


A New Method to Study the Forming Process of Complicated Sheetmetal Aero-Parts Xiong, H.L., Hu, S.G., Tang, R.X
New Welding Techniques for Aerospace Thin-Walled Structures - LSND Technology Guo, D.L., Guan, Q., Li, C.Q
Rapid Wind Tunnel Prototype using Stereolithography and Equivalent Technologies Jamieson, R., Hammond, J


A Digital Simulation and its Experimental Investigation for the Response of Gas-Turbine Engines to Intake Flow Distortion Liu, Y., Chen, F.Q
Flammability Limits of a Solid Fuel Ramjet Combustor Calzone, R.F
Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flows in Complex Engine Geometries Tu, J.Y


Cryconductor Screen of Cryoturbogenerator Inductor Kovalev, L.K., Penkin, V.T
The Stealth Spectrum Analysis (SSA) of the Electronic Systems Wang, D.Q
Hysteresis Electric Machines with High-Temperature Super-conductor Rotor Kovalev, L.K., Penkin, V.T., llushin, K.V
Advance of Airborne Radar in China Promoted by PD Technique Ji, J.


Flight-Determined Benefits of Integrated Flight-Propulsion Control Systems Stewart, J.F., Burcham, Jr., F.W., Gatlin, D.H
Design of Digital Multiple Model-Following Integrated Flight/Propulsion Control Systems Porter, B., Zhang, X.G
Analysis and Development of a Total Energy Control System for a Large Transport Aircraft Guo, S.F., Wu, S.F., Shen, Y.Z
The Influence of Rotor and Fuselage Wakes on Rotorcraft Stability and Control Meyer, F.-W., Reichert, G


Progress and Taboos in Air Safety. Orientations of Research in Human Factors in Air Transport Pinet, J
The Employment of Artificial Intelligence for Analyzing Air Accidents Zhang, F.M., Su, E.Z
Aircrew Integrated Management (A.I.M.) Racca, E.L
Hazard Alerting and Situational Awareness in Advanced Air Transport Cockpits Hansman, R.J., Wanke, C., Kuchar, J., Mykityshyn, M., Hahn, E., Midkiff, A
Industrial Design Influence on Today's Flight Decks Chan, G


Numerical Study of Jet Interaction at Super- and Hypersonic Speeds for Flight Vehicle Control Brandeis, J.
On an Extension of the Kutta-Joukowski Theorem to the Supersonic Regime Jadic, I
Experimental Investigation of Aerothermal Problems Associated with Hypersonic Flight of HST Hozumi, K., Nomura, S., Aihara, Y., Morishita, E., Okunuki, T
Simulation of a Hypersonic Flow over Vehicles at Low Reynolds Numbers Gusev, V.N
Detection of Goertler Vortices in Hypersonic Flow Luca, L. de, Cardone, G., Carlomagno, G.M


Adhesion Bonding Techniques for Highly Loaded Parts of Continuous Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Polyetheretherketone (CF-PEEK/APC 2) Kempe, G., Krauss, H
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Supersonic Wing / Body Interference Blank, S.C
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Air Transportation System for Shipping Outsized Cargoes Shkadov, L.M., Denisov, V.E., Mavritsky, V.l
High Capacity Aircraft Oelkers, W
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Stability Considerations For Enhanced Manoeuvrability - An Overview Gupta, S.C
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A Vortex Control Technique for the Attenuation of Fin Buffet Bean, D.E., Greenwell, D.I., Wood, N.J
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Training Application of R & D Simulators Armando, A., Castoldi, P., Fassi, F
Experimental Working Position Simulator to Analyse, Develop and Optimize Concepts for Computer-Aided Air Traffic Management Fricke, M., Wattier, A
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Design Philosophies of the Basic Research Simulator Advani, S.K., Baarspul, M


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Manufacturing Technology Koren, D
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Aeroelastic Tailoring for Divergence Criterion on a Composite Wing Utomo, B.R
A New Look at the Plastic Buckling Paradox Zuckerman, Z
Comparison and Selection of Simple Models for Composite Beams Representing Lifting Surfaces Crossley, W.A
Geometric Approximations for an Eight Node Thick Shell Element Minga, A.K
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